Places to Visit in India: Rajasthan

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The town of Bikaner is most notable for the nearby Karni Mata Rat Temple, the strangest sight I had come across in my journey thus far. Thousands of rats occupy the temple and worshipers come there to feed them. You're told to watch out as not to step on any of the holy rats, and it is considered good luck if one crosses over your feet. You are required to remove your shoes upon entering temples, so this is not a sight for the squeamish.

Bikaner also has some fine attractions, most notably the glorious Junagarh Fort, that warrant more than just a fleeting visit. Bikaner's Junaga... Read More

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"Places to Visit in India: Rajasthan"

Rajasthan is a place that seems suspended in time, dotted with old forts and palaces and where monkeys and camels still dominate the streets. It fascinates the senses: the colorful saris, the twangy sounds of the sitar, and the exotic scents of spices. Rajasthan means the land of kings so of course lots of palaces and forts everywhere. There is no dearth of tourist attractions in Rajasthan, which can engage you delightfully. Magnificent monuments, wildlife reserves & national parks, splendid havelis (mansions), beautiful temples, traditional villages, desert landscapes and sand dunes are attractions that appeal tourists from all over the world to embark on Rajasthan tour. The best way to explore best charm of Rajasthan is exploring its cities where you can see many magnificent monuments featuring forts, palaces, temples and museums.

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