A Local's Guide to Sikkim

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Ralang Monastery
Buddha Park
Temi Tea Garden
Char Dham
Maenam Hill
Ravangla, Sikkim, India 88.363999 27.306581 88.363999 27.306581 Nature.png
Ravangla is usually treated as a base for other journeys and treks -- mainly because it lies on the state highway and is easily accessible -- but it is also a great place to spend a few days. Located on the ridge between the Maenam and Tendong hills, it has magnificent views and -- at 7000ft -- is a perfect place to catch your breath before moving on to higher altitudes.

Travel Story

"A Local's Guide to Sikkim"

Sikkim might be one of the smallest states in India, but offers a wide enough range of destinations and activities to launch a thousand trips. While views of Mt. Kanchenjunga -- the third highest mountain in the world -- continue to dominate the list of reasons to visit, the untouched forests, local monasteries and offbeat treks provide plenty of reasons to stay on. 

Having been born here, South Sikkim holds a special place in my heart. The population is largely Nepali, and thanks to it being scarcely populated, it makes for an excellent offbeat destination. My perfect trip would start with Ravangla -- an idyllic town that makes for a lovely base for the other destinations and has a personality of its own. After a couple of days getting acclimatized to the cold in Ravangla, you can head to Namchi -- literally meaning 'sky high' and commanding magestic views of the Kanchendzonga range and the Ringit valley -- a destination that is fast catching on with travellers. Just a 45 minute drive from there lies my hometown -- Tinkitan -- a cozy village tucked away in the hills that I strongly recommend if you want a quiet few days to yourself in the lap of breathtaking beauty. If you are one for adventure and have a couple of more days to spare, you can head back to Ravangla and take a day-long trek up to Maenam Hill -- which, on a sunny day, will offer a view that you are likely to never forget.

Sikkim is a delightful place to call home. And though this is only a small glimpse, I hope it will leave you wanting more.

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  • Ravangla
  • Ralang Monastery
  • Buddha Park
  • Temi Tea Garden
  • Namchi
  • Char Dham
  • Tinkitam
  • Maenam Hill