Discovering Bridges: My short trip to S.E. Asia

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Akash Kapur

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Traveler by passion. Photographer by obsession. Procrastinator by compulsion. Civil Engineering student by education.


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Ever since I was a child, bridges have always intrigued me. The way they are constructed, the way they enhance the beauty of the water underneath, and the mere idea behind their existence; to join the two sides of a body which would have otherwise never met, have always fascinated me. Being a civil engineering student myself, I've had the chance to visit and study about some really beautiful and interesting bridges.

I recently went on a foreign exchange program to Singapore and Malaysia where I saw two of the world's most beautiful bridges - The Helix Bridge in Singapore which is shaped like a DNA and the Langkawi Sky Bridge which is one of the biggest cable-stayed bridges, constructed by bringing each element of the bridge to the mountain and putting it all together. And how can I write about bridges without mentioning the ones back home: the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata which a suspension bridge constructed entirely of steel and bears the weight of all kinds of vehicles and the Root Bridge in Meghalaya which is nothing but a natural boon. 

I'm sharing my account of the four most beautiful bridges that I've come across in Asia. Hope this inspires you to go see them

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Langkawi sky bridge, Malaysia 99.854724 6.323300 99.854724 6.323300 Nature.png

Langkawi sky bridge Duration : 2 hours

Langkawi sky bridge, Malaysia
Langkawi sky bridge in Malaysia is one of the most scenic places in the continent. Not only is it aesthetically wonderful, but it has its name among the world’s strangest cable stayed suspension bridges. The entire bridge, in its elementary form had to be lifted to the top of the mountain and was later assembled to its current position. The magnanimous structure that it is, its view is bound to mesmerize.
The bridge hangs at about 100 meter above ground. Acrophobic people, beware!!
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