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Triund Hill is a famous spot that one can trek along to. As a matter of fact, there are a number of trails that one can follow and reach the peak at the Dhauladhar range. From McLeodgang to the peak is around 9 kilometres and many tourists prefer this trail. Camping is a great activity to be done here as the place is clean and cool. There are some mysterious twists to the trails that one will surely enjoy a lot. Once at the peak, click pictures of Moon Peak and the Indira Pass as well.
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Palolem Beach

It is beach located in Canacona, Goa and is quite untouched by tourists, it is inhabited by foreign tourists and local fishermen and is about 1.60kms in length and was also showcased in the movie The Bourne Supremacy.
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Kalsubai Peak

Climbing the summit or Kalsubai peak is one of the best things to do in Indore as it is the topmost peak in Maharashtra standing with a height of 16446 metres. The whole hilltop is a chunk of the Harishchandragad Kalsubai Sanctuary. A village called Bari is where the route to the summit starts, followed by various trekking routes, the animal tracks in the route gifts a thrilling atmosphere to the climbers. Local guides are available throughout the year who help the visitors in climbing the summit. The route to the peak is very well marked and perfectly guides the trekkers. It is one of the most thrilling as well as enjoyable place to trek. The Kalsubai temple is situated in the summit of the peak, only three people can sit in this temple at one time. When one reaches the summit apart from the temple, the hugely spread out backwaters of Bhandardara also attracts the attention.
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This place is paradise for adventure lovers. This is the highest point in West Bengal and you have to trek for around 12 hours from Maneybhanjan to reach this place. You can also hire a landrover from maneybhanjan. This is also a village and is a part of the Singalila National Park. As you reach on top of this [point, you will be welcomed with some of the most awesome views including the famous route from Bhutan till Mt. Everest. The view of the mighty River Teesta is also very attractive. This river is apt for river rafting due to the high speed in which the water flows. If you can put in physical effort for the love for nature, this is the right place to choose.
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The road from the gate to the peak passed through the pushpagiri wildlife reserve,trust me if you own a sedan or a bike with not enough torque,this is not a good place to be 'JEEPS and Royal Enfield ONLY'.Took around 40min to reach the forest officer's camp on the foothill of mandal Patti, parked my bike there and started trekking to the top,the view at the top was the best I have ever seen,with the morning sunlight cut by the mountains and the cloud of fog under you,makes you feel like you just stepped into heaven. And then i met the special anti poaching officer at the pushpagiri wildlife reserve,and he volunteered to take me to abbi falls if I could drop him in Madikeri.we had a cup of tea and spent a little time at the tea shop,he was quite famous in that part of madikeri,he shared some information about the wildlife there. And then we reached Madikeri at around 8:30am and he got off my bike,and may be that is what life is about, people come,people go but the journey must go on. Now it was time to head home,came with a heavy heart and coorg embraced me with love and mother nature did the trick. Clicked a selfie with Mr.john kollanaur,the owner of the home stay I was staying at. And then the journey back home to see the city lights began. Left Madikeri at around 1:30pm and now there was one last obstacle to overcome, as I earlier pointed out,I didn't have a lot of money so I only had around 200rs left with around 400rs of worth fuel in my bike's patrol tank, didn't know if I could make it, and as suspected my bike ran out of fuel near kengeri, and somehow managed to get fuel from the nearest petrol bunk with the help of the locals there and finally reached home at around 6pm.And the journey that was planned in 30min had come to an end. And a coorg wildlife society flier to remember the whole ordeal.
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This is the highest peak of Karnataka and is a part of the Babu Budhan Giri Range in the District of Chikmagalur. There is a small Shiva Temple on top of this hill and that point is the highest point of the state. The Mullayanagiri is perfect for hiking and it is higher than the Nilgiris but lower than the Himalayas. The views from top of the mountain with cool air brushing your face is a very nice feeling and worth all the difficulty you will face to climb the mountain.
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Jalori Pass

This is a high mountain pass in the Kullu District and is the one closest to Delhi. This place thus, finds a part in every tourist's travel itinerary. This is also the only pass which allows any kind of vehicle and also opens every year. The Mahakali Temple on top here is also known as Jalori Maa temple and is very popular among the tourists. The pass however remains closed during the peak winter months and thus you will have to find out before planning. There are cautions to be followed when you visit this place such as driving at first gear only is compulsory. The curvy roads give the most marvelous views of the Himalayas.
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Malshej Ghat

It is a mountain pass located in the Western Ghats in Pune. A drive through these roads should rejuvenate your senses.
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Doddabetta Peak

This is the highest peak in the Nilgiri region and is about 10 kilometres from the city of Udhagamandalam or Ooty. The main attraction here is the center for tourists on the peak of this hill. There is an observatory on the top floor of this tourist center and there are twin telescopes hre. From the glass paned observatory, with the help of telescopes, you get awesome views of the whole district till far away places.
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Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir Billing called as the "Paragliding capital of India". Bir Billing is best spot for paragliding aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. If you are in an adventurous mood then head out to the Bir Billing Paragliding site. They charge 3000 Rs. for the ride and 1000 Rs. for your pictures and videos. The place has visitors from all over the world. Many solo paragliders fly at Bir-Billing regularly and it is a beautiful site watching them.
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This mountain in the Shivamoga Region is one of the most spoken about treks of Karnataka. There are two temples of the Mookambika Devi and the Adi Shankara Temple on top of the peak. These temples are both covered in between dense and misty forests and this is also an adventure when you visit these. There are two routes that you can choose from while trekking here- One is the Karekatte and the other is the Marekuttaka. The views and beauty around is wonderful and it is like a nature trail cum adventure trip here.
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Har Ki Doon Valley

A valley situated at 3500m above sea level surrounded by snow-capped mountains and alpine vegetation, the 25km trek to this valley stretches across 2 days, from Taluka village to Seema and from Seema to Har ki Doon.
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Bum La Pass

If you don't have your own vehicle then it could be little difficult as both the offices are located 5-6 Km far and in opposite sides of Tawang. Also, its better to have carry enough copies because in Tawang Xerox per copy is INR 5 and double side INR 10 and the power cut is frequent. Also, if you plan to hire taxi for Bumla pass and Shungester/Madhuri lake then the permit needs to have taxi number and driver name. The general charges for taxi to Bumla pass n Shungester lake are INR 5000. You can try shared taxi if you can find people to share.  #Stay at Tawang Hotel Mount view for INR 800.  #Food Ama yangis good food Chapti n egg curry was nice.#Info Sunday mechanics are closed in Tawang and Bomdila so if there are any issues in your bike, you will not be able to get it fixed and this could alter your plan. This trip was originally published on Joey- my travels for your ease.
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Sundarbans National Park

The Sundarban National Park is a very popular National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve in West Bengal, India. It is a part of the Sundarban on the Ganges Delta, and near to the Sundarban Reserve Forest in Bangladesh. The delta is thickly secured by mangrove timberlands, and is one of the biggest reserve for the Bengal tiger. The Directorate of Forest is in charge of the organization and administration of Sundarban. The recreation center is comprised of 54 little islands and is crisscrossed by a few tributaries of the Ganges. There are seven primary waterways and endless watercourses framing a system of channels at this estuarine delta. The main method for venturing to every part of the recreation center is to by water vessels and boats, down the different paths shaped by the numerous streaming waterways. Nearby water crafts or vessels worked by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. Sundarban National Park is all around joined with kolkata Basanti High way.
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Chembra Peak

I definitely don't need words for Chembra Peak; it's breathtakingly beautiful <3 It is a peak 2050m above the sea level and has ~5km of trek to be covered overall (~2.5km up & down). Time taken for trek: 3-4 hours on average. All you sweat is all worth it once you're at the top!! Heart-shaped Chembra lake & the view of Wayanad is just so distinctive that you'll remember it for a lifetime! I want to say how this place is, but i'm just not getting the best of words :(Now, time for important details:Total Trip Expense: INR 5000 per person(Trip of total 4 people..and is still relatively expensive as we chose to stay in a tree house, else you can cover it up within INR 3500)Journey Expense: Bangalore-Mysore Chamundi Train - just a 2 hour journey, so we picked regular seats rather than AC seater. Cost: total INR 70 for one way journey.Mysore-Wayanad-Mysore: Booked a NON AC Sedan, costed INR 6000 (way more economical than prices considered from Bangalore, also split by 4 costed INR 1500 each)Hotel Expense: INR 11,000 (split by 4 - costed just 2750) -- which by the way includes the stay along with 3 meal of the day.
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Matanga Hill

This is the central landmark of the city of ruins and also known as the Matunga Hills. The peak of this hill is a place from where you can enjoy awesome views of sunset and sunrise and also some of the most spectacular views of the city. On the southern part down the hills is the Tungabhadra River and on top is the famous Veerbhadra Temple. This temple is dedicated to one incarnation of Lord Shiva known as Veerbhadra. On another side of the hills is the Achutya Raya Temple and last but not the least is the Hampi Bazar. This old market is the starting point of people who come for trekking here.
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Indrahar Pass

This is just a beginning to your freezing experience , you will see a beautiful Glacier with small Ice Caves(try not no enter in one of those, you may get bruises), but you can try to walk on it for a while...
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Shillong Peak

Arranged 10 kms from the city, Shillong Peak offers awesome perspectives of the city from a noteworthy height of 1965 m above ocean level. Shillong Peak, the most elevated point of Shillong, is found 5 km toward the south of the city and is 1961 meters which is 6,433 feet in height. Being the most astounding crest in the locale, it is frequently encompassed with mist. The top itself is not steep, but instead semi-round like that of a crown set on the level and broad top of the Shillong Hill. The crest is open by means of the Upper Shillong or Jowai Road. If you arrive on a day when mists don't play ruin sport, you will have the capacity to see the lofty Himalayan tops and the Bangladesh fields from here. Indian Air Force has its radar station here. This spot is a standout among the most well known tourist center in Shillong as a result of the breathtaking perspectives it offers.
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It is one of the highest peaks in the Singalila Ridge in the Darjeeling district, it is also one of the halts during the trek from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu
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Western Ghats

5. The Western Ghats"Which covers border of GUJARAT, MAHARASHTRA, South of GOA, KERALA, TMAIL NADU, offers you the range and breath taking variety and expanse of one of India's most pristine part of forest" Best time to travel - Through out the year ( preferable June-March)Connectivity - Easily reachable Via all sources ( preferable by Road )
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