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I wanted to dress cute for my walk around Rome, I didn't want to be THAT American tourist in the shorts and sneakers. I thought, these are perfectly comfortable sandals, I wear them all the time in Vegas. Um, well I'm not walking for miles in the heat on cobblestones in Vegas so I didn't factor that in. Turns out, everyone is actually pretty casual in Rome so it was I who looked odd as I wobbled around the city. It was especially a sight as I slid atop wet stones in the afternoon rains. I knew better too, but I'm stubborn and sometimes this is the price I pay for style. Eventually I gave in and bought many boxes of Europe's amazing Compeed band-aids and a cheap pair of sneakers from H&M.I trudged on like a bloody, wounded soldier along the Tiber river to the Forum, Altare della Patria, Trevi Fountain and finally Pantheon. This marathon reminded me of the time my Mother guided a similar tour in the Winter though Rome in a leg cast. We are a determined lot! I had been to these sites before but not since studying them as an Art History student at UC Berkeley. As for the Pantheon, I couldn't believe I was finally there looking at it with my own eyes instead of in a book or slide. I just stood along the walls and took it all in. I waited around for the impending afternoon storm to experience the water pour in through the oculous and even took a video. The timing was perfect and I'd always wanted to observe that phenomenon. The rains continued so I ducked into a nearby trattoria for a glass of wine to ride out the rest of the storm. I'm sure the Italian waiters thought I was crazy with my ill-advised outfit and no umbrella but I didn't care. I was in Italy!

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Best time to visit Rome is from March to June

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