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We had finally the almost last leg of our journey. While we were supposed to visit Gilli Islands, due to the earthquake Gilli T was shut so we had to improvise and we decided to go to Seminiyak instead. Can't say it was the best decision. Seminiyak is very touristy, very commercial and very very crowded. We remember sitting in a taxi at 5pm to go see the sunset at this beach club 2kms away and falling asleep in the taxi only to wake up at 7pm, still stuck in traffic! Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant experience. What we did enjoy in Seminiyak was the endless partying at night. We went the Club La Favela, which is like three floors and literally has a tiny jungle inside it, with different music playing at each floor. So if you are looking for some insane, dont-wanna-remember-the-night partying this is the place for you.

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