Humans of Mizoram 🇮🇳 

20th May 2020
Photo of Humans of Mizoram 🇮🇳 by Ankur Chugh
Day 1

Humans of Mizoram 💓 !

Aizawl - Mizoram 🇮🇳

May 2019 !

Well the hangover of Mizoram is too difficult to get rid of . I may have travelled to all locations of North East but then Mizoram has a amazing charm of raw beauty and less commercial aspect which makes it my favorite from a longer time .

While writing this I am sitting at my home , getting wrath of my beloved maid for doing things better for my absence from home from last 10 days . She knows that even she would get mad at me , she is the the one who needs to do right from dusting to buy the groceries . I made a good pact with her so I wash clothes and later tell her to spread it outside to dry . It's a win win , she would not feel bad for doing chores for 4 hours against her contractual agreement of 1 hour . Well the only worry is she has to wait till the time my washing machine timer says ' All Done ' .

Nevermind I carry reputation of retaining maids for longer time ( Last maid kept my good house for 3.5 years before she left for hometown ) which is indeed appreciated by all human species around .

Anyways from fixing the motor through plumber to Ants in my flour to get my clothes washed and get it iron , my life is hell occupied specially after this 10 days break but then let's stick to the story here because I can write a book on my beloved housekeeper ..

It was my 4th visit at United States of Mizoram and like always it has some refreshing memories for me . For the first timers let me tell you that Mizoram is a protected zone and for entry you need to take ILP ( Inner Line Permit ) to enter in state . To be honest I didn't take that in initial visits but later on I started taking it . Failing to which might entertain you with some other troubles , so better to take it from Airport itself .

My first visit was different , I was hesitant and had no knowledge of remote states which people don't often visit . So that time there were only 3 of us from different states rest all local . I took a cab from airport and headed towards Aizawl city .Entering in Aizawl city was different as well . It's not like any other tourist location . I asked my cabbie to take me to hotel regency . Going by the online options available , there is only one good hotel as per reviews but then this 2-3 star hotel would mint you the rates of 4-5 star hotel because of the scarcity of hotels . The people who strives their life on vegetarian food then let me tell you Mizoram would disappoint you with some extend . The only concern I saw in Mizoram was food but as individual it hardly bothers me . I can survive on fruits , juices and eggs and for me travel is my main fuel .

Going out was hell cool , you would find the trendiest of locals around . Someone said to me long time back . Mizoram is 10 years ahead than rest of India in all aspects and I could relate that . People hardly bothers about any damn thing . The only thing that bothers them is ' I don't Know ' . Their love for English is such that each sentence they speak is with prefix " I don't know " and then they would tell you all the things that they know .

Dealing with them is fun because whenever I tried to negotiate I could see these locals takes so much time to think and reply . The tells me that it is not in normal course of life to lie , even if they do - they get caught . This might be example of a guilt free , simple and sober life .

Now I am a seasoned person and I don't see any staring eyes towards me who see me as an outsider . This time I wanted to take a choice between Hotel Floria and Hotel Regency . Hotel Floria was hell expensive , much expensive like you book a suite in Radisson but while comparing Hotel Floria was a different level all together which was a miss from me in last 3 times . I may have disappointed the reception lady at regency by not staying this time but then I told her with utmost honestly I may not come again . Though she now recognizes me which was a strange fact but then truth has it's own charm which she accepted with smile .

Hmuifang is a place with some 40-50 KM's away from city and is my love from a longer time . I generally wake up at 3 AM and get ready by 4 Am to start the journey and spend 2-3 hours there . It is the best place for me in Mizoram .

I could see my cabbie love for Bollywood songs . Everytime he just placed the YouTube in my hand and tells me to play all Hindi songs . There is no better when you are in wee hours of morning , mist around , clouds in your eye's length and Arijit Singh on the phone .

I translate songs in English for him and that makes a happy us in whole long trip .

I have seen all the respect I deserve as a human being in Mizoram . Much respect than any other state in India . If you differentiate them in terms of their looks , their food , their way of Dress or their modernized outlook then this is your own problem not theirs .

People who say "Chinki" to them either ignorance or intention , please visit here and see no single person would ever call you by names and makes you feel like a alien landing in their space .

Next time you meet a person saying names to them , stop them - educate them and tell them to love them as like you love others .

I am so happy to see now connectivity is better now a days unlike past and people often travel to and fro which is good to relate culturally and wipe out ignorance amongst people .

There is a bad news for some people . Alcohol is now prohibited in state of Mizoram by new elected government . So my all times fantasy of world when I visit Durtlam with my beer got crushed this time and then where there is a will , there is a way .

You know what I mean ....

I 💓 Mizzy Baby !

Photo of Aizawl by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Aizawl by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Aizawl by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Aizawl by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Aizawl by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Aizawl by Ankur Chugh