Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's

4th Mar 2016
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 1/10 by Rupesh Rai
Hawa mahal
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 2/10 by Rupesh Rai
City Palace
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 3/10 by Rupesh Rai
Jantar mantar
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 4/10 by Rupesh Rai
Dargah Sarif
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 5/10 by Rupesh Rai
On the way to Taragarh
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 6/10 by Rupesh Rai
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 7/10 by Rupesh Rai
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 8/10 by Rupesh Rai
Ana Sagar Lake
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 9/10 by Rupesh Rai
Clear Sky of Pushkar
Photo of Rajasthan Diaries - Land of maharaja's 10/10 by Rupesh Rai
Foy Sagar Lake

According to me, the best thing that money can buy is happiness and so I spend it to wander.

And Finally It's Friday, the most awaited day of the week, the excitement must be at peak if you are visiting Rajasthan for the first time.

I had Planned to visit Jaipur during literature fest in Jan but I am a bad executor of the plan and as per my past experience the unplanned trips suits me the best and so I have prepared my body to flow with my mind, Don't ask any question just do it.

Left office around 7pm, got on the Jaipur highway around 7:45 and reached Jaipur by 11:30pm.

In the Pink City- Jaipur

The next morning, I checked out of the hotel and got on the streets of Jaipur on my Royal Enfield Thunderbird and soon I realized why it's called the pink city, the houses, market places and the government/private buildings all painted in pink and it feels like a different world altogether.

This city welcomes everyone from all around the world, adores and respects every culture and religion. My first stop was at hawa mahal, the beautiful architect in making, the air(hawa) crosses 24*7 from every small window at this palace, Truly amazing view from the top of it. Situated in the mid, The city looks certainly more stunning from the top here.

if You feel hungry and you are in Jaipur, worry not. The smell of the street food will drag you towards it. I had Pyaj-Kachauri and it was fucking awesome. Stay hydrated if you are in Rajasthan and drink water more than usual.

My next stop was at Jantar-Mantar which is very close to Hawa Mahal. The amazing science can be seen derived on the walls and sculptures. All the sun shines are made here. A must visit.

Next thing is The City Palace, Placed in front of Jantar-Mantar, will surely remind you of the great ancient Maharajas's culture, the history of kings and their kingdom, about the great fighters and brave hearts. I, personally liked this place so much. There are so many Real things to see which are associated with the modern kings of a centuary ago or so.

It's a big palace to explore and takes time if you closely look into the details. One must visit this.

The next stop was Jal Mahal which in itself looks so stunning, situated and surrounded by lake water all around. Only one word for this place-  Spectacular

I wanted to visit Amber Fort and Nahargarh Forts as well but due to evening rain in Jaipur it couldn't happen.

Ajmer- Where the Sun Sets

My watch clocked 4:30pm and Finally the rain stopped and I started for ajmer.  The ambience around the jal mahal looked like heaven after rain and I felt like God riding my Bull side by the lake. When I crossed Jaipur, it's almost past 5 and Riding on Jaipur-Ajmer highway gives the immense pleasure.

Ajmer is around 140kms west to Jaipur and I felt like chasing the sun which was setting down behind those mountains where I was trying to reach.

Finally I reached Ajmer, a completely different ambience from Jaipur and this is what I like about my country. The sufi ambience is all around as you enter the city. It felt like my home town Varanasi. Finally reached my hotel after great efforts, as the narrow streets are heavily crowded in the evening in and around the dargah area.

After check in to hotel got ready for the to visit to Dargah sarif by 9pm.

The Sufi sants singing quawwali is an epic to see and the ambience demands to quietly sit here for sometime.

There was no less crowd even at 10pm in the night.

The next Day was sunday, got ready and checked out of the hotel by 10Pm, went to visit the Adhai Din Ka Jhopda which is believed to be constructed in two and a half days. Amazing construction considering two and a half day of work.

The next thing was Taragrh which is a quiet different place and you feel like riding in the mountains on the top of the hills. Amazing view of the Ajmer city painted in white can be seen from Taragarh. Visited the mosque of taragarh.

Next Stopped by PrithiviRaj Memorial which is on the way down from taragarh.

It was already noon and so left for Ana Sagar lake. Ana Sagar lake was one of the most amazing experience I ever had. I have never seen a lake so beautiful and big. Spent some quality time over there. The Fishes in the lake will definitely grab your attention.

Pushkar - Tirth Raj

It was almost noon when I reached pushkar but the ambience is like a god's land. At one point It also felt like a foreign land as the no. of foreigners were more than locals. The overall ambience is quite nice and enchanting. I reached the only Brahma Temple in India and after offering prayer I moved to the holy pond of the Pushkar. There are 55 ghats in the circular fashion. The birds flying all around gives a mesmerizing view. Ate some local food, explored the local market and almost covered every corner in almost 3 hours.

Clicked some amazing clicks and reached towards the end of this part of my journey. While leaving to ajmer saw a diversion for FoySagar Lake and without given a second thought I turned towards it, even though it was getting late. First, while looking around I felt that it'll be some kind of a ordinary lake but having seen the sunset here, I must admit that it was best sunset of my life. And later I felt better to be late rather than missing this place.