The Golden Amritsar -What a Place!!!


The peace of serving mankind can never be better attained than the famous golden temple. My trip for Amritsar started from Delhi, the tour comprised of places like Amritsar, Mcleodganj, dalhouise, mussorie. It was long trip and to be precise only about Amritsar,I am writing this article. If you’ve never thought of going beyond your city – in and around, we say now is the time. Because you only live once, and there’s no weekend to waste. And now when you’ve probably made your mind, let me tell you about a beautiful city where food, religion, culture, history, and shopping, all come together to mesmerise you, AMRITSAR. The city has everything you need, no matter what your choice is. It is a definite heaven for you whether you’re a foodie, a believer, a shopaholic, a wanderer, or just another traveller. And the best thing is that if you love to go there, it’s not farther than a 1 hour flight from Delhi. So you can conveniently go there, spend a weekend and be back before the Monday blues begin!

1. For the morning beauty of Golden Temple

Once you reach near the Golden Temple, you need to deposit your footwear at the footwear counter. This counter is run by the Golden Temple and they keep your footwear without any charge. After depositing your footwear, you need to walk along a road till you enter a pathway that leads you to one of the entrances of the Golden Temple. The road is a normal road with a few vehicles going by and hotels and shops on one side of the road (the other side being one of the boundary walls of the Golden Temple). You can buy a scarf to cover your head from one of these shops. Before entering the entrance to the Golden Temple, you need to wear a scarf to cover your head.If you’ve not been to this place, you’ve missed out on a lot. In the morning time, the sun shines on the top of Harmandir sahib, in all it’s glory, and it’s a completely magical experience, especially with the sacred pond a. You need to do nothing, but just sit back, and look at the beauty. That’s it! Ahh, Peace…

2. For the brilliantly lit Golden Temple at night

If you do not have a scarf, you can borrow one at the entrance. There is also a small pool of flowing water at the entrance for you to wash your feet before you enter the temple area. The main area of the Golden Temple looks stunning at night. There is a broad pathway that runs around the holy lake and on one side of the lake is the main temple (which is covered in gold). There were hundreds of people inside but it was so big that it was still peaceful inside. There are many devotees who queue up to get inside the main temple. The Golden Temple is open till 10 pmThe lights make it all the more beautiful during night-time. You won’t be able to help it but stare at the beautiful piece of art that it is. And your biggest foe will be the person who asks you to leave from the gorgeous spectacle.

3. For the unexplainable excitement at Wagah Border

This is the only border road crossing between India and Pakistan, where you can see a daily flag lowering ceremony. But believe me, it’s more than just a ceremony, it’s a powerful show, a celebration. It’s dance, it’s music, it’s a lot of emotions, and it’s an unforgettable experience. Just take care to get seats on the front, or VIP seating, or your visit can fail. The essence of nationalism along with a pride can be easily felt by the songs played and the performances done by soldiers there. The words would not only be less but also inefficient to express the feeling that you get being there. By seeing that ceremony you can easily return home having a safeguard feeling that nothing can happen to you when you have such energy filled and enthusiast soldiers saving your motherland and letting you sleep calmly.

4. For the memorial of Jalianwala Bagh

One of the most important and mesmerising places of this city is the jallianwala bagh. You’ll not see just the garden, but a lot of old monuments, and the real bullet marks of the jallianwala bagh massacré!

5. Just for the garlic naan and chhole kulchhe

You will find these specialties of Amritsar at any street food corner of the city, and regardless of how small the stall is, or how it is handled single-handedly by the shopkeeper, the taste will always be unbelievably good in the city of food. ????

6. For the yummy firni at Kesar da Dhaba

The kind of chole kulche provided to you in restro and any part of india specially below central India is just first copy of the original one. The kinda taste and presentable format of punjabi kulche is mouth watering. If you’re a foodie, this place is heaven for you! Kesar da dhaba has some of the most amazing food you will ever taste. The best way to go would be beginning with aaloo paratha platter and ending it with the famous firni. You will thank me when you actually get this meal. ????

7. For all the food at Bharawan da dhaba & Lassi at Ahuja’s and Gian chand

Dinner must be at bharawan da dhaba without a doubt. If you’re someone with a great appetite, begin with their farm house pizza, proceed to a kulchha or garlic naan with chhole and curd, and end it with… No l, don’t end it here. Let’s go to Ahuja’s lassi. Gian Chand’s and Ahuja’s lassi are the best places for lassi on the globe. Your lassi will be prepared in a washing machine, exclusively used for the purpose. It will have loads of butter and unbelievable taste. Make sure you walk up to these places to make some space in your stomach for the divine lassi. But be prepared to not be able to walk back to your hotel after having it. ????

8. For all the shopping at Gandhi Gate Hall Bazar, and Lawrence Road And for the Punjabbi Jutti (Indian traditional footwear)

If you’re in Punjab, you must get yourself a pair of nice looking punjabbi juttis. They’re available in a really, really wide range of colours and designs here. If you’re really looking for a suggestion here, then Raunak Punjabi Jutti is one of the most famous jutti shops in Amritsar. Do bargain, but not too much. If you’re a shopaholic, this is your chance to experience the best shopping spree. And if you’re not a shopaholic, this place is great for you to become one. The fulkari dupatta and salwaar kameezes are capable of being your best buys ever. If you’re looking for ethnics, this is the best place for you.

-- A person with a traveler soul. Wanderlust!!