A Water Baby’s Paradise – Scuba Diving in Andaman

8th Jan 2019

Water baby

I have always had an affinity to water. Every time I step on the beach, the sounds of the long breaths of the oceans fill me with life. The sea calls out to me and I find myself drawn to it like an electron to its nucleus. So when my friend, Mrigank, asked me if I would accompany him to a week long holiday to Andaman I could not resist.

We planned and packed and after a couple of flights found ourselves on the mesmerizing beaches of this tiny island floating in the Indian Ocean. It goes without saying, the moment we dumped our bags in the hotel room, I pulled Mrigank and we were dashing towards the sea.

Discovering scuba

Walking about, taking in the salty air and feeling the crystalline sand under my feet, I saw a few people getting off a boat. Dressed in heavy suits, they looked exhausted but ecstatic.

“They were scuba diving”, Mrigank noticed that I was gawking at them shamelessly. That got me curious and laid the foundation for my life long love affair with scuba diving.

After enquiring around, I signed up for a scuba diving course in Andaman and pestered Mrigank to do the same. It was to be my first open dive in the Andaman Sea, the first of many.

Scuba diving in Andaman is arguably the best scuba diving in the country given the blooming coral reefs and the exotic marine life unlike any you will see all over the waters of this country.

The first dive

The day began with a shallow water training session on the shore where a number of scuba newbies had gathered. We learned basic scuba skills such as understanding and handling the scuba equipment as well as underwater communication and simple navigation. While we were all gearing up, I was prancing about like a child and gaping at the vibrant flora all around.

Once we were all set, we got on to a boat that took us to the middle of the Andaman sea. Our scuba diving course in Andaman was well and truly underway.

We stopped at a spot not too far from the coast where the water was as clear as polished glass. One by one we went in with the instructors in tow and descended to the depths of the pleasant and gentle waters.

What lay in front of me is a sight that will forever persist in my memory. A whole world hiding beneath the cerulean waters. Fish of all colors and sizes ranging from shrimps, sea horses to clownfish.There were corals glowing with fluorescent hues under the light of the morning sun with sand so white that it could put snow to shame.

Scuba diving in Andaman not only added depth to my love for the ocean but also reignited my passion for all adventure sports as I contemplated staying back and doing more dives on our way back to the shore.