Advantages of Travelling and Why I Travel Before Making A Life-Changing Decision

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Decision making can overwhelm the best of us especially when it comes to choosing a career path or a life partner. I follow a simple formula for making a tough call. Every time I need to make an important decision, one that has life changing consequences, I take off to a remote location for a few days. This method is not a substitute for careful thought and analysis; it provides the right setting for introspection. These are some of the advantages of travelling preceded by a decision.

7 Advantages of travelling before taking a big step

Photo of Advantages of Travelling and Why I Travel Before Making A Life-Changing Decision 2/2 by Anmol Arora (Boring Traveller)

#Death by Deadlines

There will always be deadlines to meet and pending work to be finished at home. In all the din, you will never find the time to relax and think, which is why you need a get away.

#Hear Your Own Thoughts

There is a volley of opinions and suggestions being thrown at us by family, friends, facebook and twitter (amongst others) that it drowns out our inner voice. Travel will help you escape all of them.

#A Different Perspective

There is something miraculous about the mountain air or walking on the shoreline that clears all the confusion from our head, leading to sound decisions. This is one of those advantages of travelling which cannot be obtained through any other means.

#Stop Thinking About the Problems

The best solutions and sparks of inspiration often come to mind in the shower or on a long drive. The free moments, when the mind is allowed to wander, turn out to be most productive.

#Close to Nature

Many studies have suggested that we think clearly in the lap of nature. Why do you think artists prefer cottages in hills to condos in metropolitans.

#Time and Space

Some problems don't have a quick fix, no matter how hard we think about them. They are resolved with the passage of time and space. Travels provides that time and space.

#A Life Changing Conversation

How often do we hear of stories where a random conversation gives direction and meaning to a lost and wandering soul. By going to a far off location, we embrace our destiny and let the universe play its part.

What if the plan fails? What if the advantages of travelling don't work for you? You will return home without a solution but at least you gave yourself a nice vacation. That doesn't sound like a bad deal, does it? I would like to know how you approach decision making. Please leave your comments below. Read about my solo travel on Lost & Found at Andaman.

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