Andaman : Beautiful Islands somewhere in the waters

14th Feb 2017
Day 1

Arrive with early morning flight and chose a hotel very near to Aberdeen market .With all places of interest​ nearby ,can visit Rajiv Gandhi sports complex (water activities are closed here for some time ) cellular jail music and light show ,gurdwara sahib in same day .A lot of eating options are available just next to gurdwara sahib . Evening can be spent in Aberdeen market and it also has some great bakeries and juice shops.

Day 2

Start the day with a yummy breakfast and blessings from Gurudwara sahib. Check mini zoo ( now the zoo is moved to chidiya tapu) and samudrika museum.Keep some good 2-3 hrs for Gandhi park , a huge park with a water body and amusement park rides . In the afternoon board the ferry to Havelock Island .

The journey to Havelock is one to be cherished for long . Water water every where ..

Once in Havelock , don't miss the sunset and sunrise at the beaches .It's better to have a vehicle at your disposal ,scooters and bikes are easily available for rent starting 500 rs a day.

Even the bus in Havelock is very reasonable ,ticket is just 10 rs from jetty to Radhanagar beach.

Photo of Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India by Gurpreet
Day 3

Start​ the day with sunrise at Radhanagar and proceeded for water activities after breakfast .Water activities like scuba are best if done in early morning to get a good view .Enjoy lunch and proceed for elephanta beach .Enjoy some more water activities .Proceed back for Havelock before dark.Try local food.

Photo of Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India by Gurpreet
Day 4

Start the day with sunrise at Kala pathar beach and after breakfast proceed for Portblair or Neil island if you have an extra day .Spend the rest of the day relaxing at a beach

Day 5

If in Portblair start the day with Gurudwara (This is different from earlier one ), Chatham and then proceed for chidiya tapu .Enjoy the nature at its best ,relax and enjoy .In the evening proceed back for Portblair and watch the sunset at corbyn's cove .

Take the late night flight back to your place.

Points to remember :

1. Don't count much on your service provider for good phone network .On islands ,no phone network is successful except BSNL and Vodafone at some places.

2.Internet is a luxury at the islands like Havelock and the availability is limited to high end hotels

3.Light backup is also not available in many of the budget hotels.check twice while making bookings in Havelock.

4.Govt ferries are very reasonable as compared to private ferries ,but need to be booked in advance .

5. During peak seasons , getting a good hotel booking can be difficult , although other options like homestay are available.

6.Transportation in Portblair is very reasonable .Autos and buses are available in abundance.

7.taxis and autos are a bit costly in Havelock as compared to their Bus ,which starts at Jetty and terminates at Radhanagar beach , is available after every half an hour .

8. Day starts very early on the islands (Havelock,Neil) and by 5 ,everyone starts to wind up the day

9. Indian curries and bakery foods are really great in Portblair and worth a try

10. It is THE place to try all water sports that you had been thinking of .Don't miss it .Check with your hotel to get good deals on it.

11. You don't need to know swimming to try things like scuba. You just have to be physically fit .People with high BP ,heart problems, overweight are usually not advised for it by scuba diving trainers .

12. Don't try to run from one island to another .Shortlist a few that you want to see as per your itinerary and then stick to the plan.

13. Andaman is a cluster of islands and whatever you do most of it cannot be covered in one trip .

14. Andaman is so beautiful that you will keep going back for trip 2,3,4 ....

15 .Sit on a beach and enjoy the thought that you are somewhere in the middle of waters .....

Photo of Corbyns Cove Beach, Carbyns Cove, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India by Gurpreet

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