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Breaking BadAlbuquerque, New Mexico wasn’t the first choice to film the popular TV show Breaking Bad. The show initially was to be shot in Riverside California. The location may have changed due to tax incentives but the arid desolate landscape of Albuquerque provided much more than few extra bucks in the producer’s pocket. The small town, its streets, restaurants and the neighbourhood became the characters of the show itself.Albuquerque became iconic. Even after 10 years since the show had been last aired the tourists are still flocking the house of Walter White, the main character of the story. Los Polos Hermonos, the car wash, and the Sandia mountain are some other prominent locations. There are dedicated tour companies who’d take you around to explore Breaking Bad locations and shop for souvenirs like meth crystal candies and blue crystal donuts. The best part of doing a Breaking Bad tour is, most of the shooting locations are on the way to explore New Mexico's popular tourist attractions.

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