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22nd June10AmPrague to HelsinkiThis was the time to go back and relax after this thrilling and tiring journey. It was a moment I lived in my style.World is small and beautiful. Travel to learn, explore and understand nature and its beauty, human and its invention & people and their culture.The planning took me around 3 months of research and not involving any agent at any step. This helped me book my Air -tickets well in advance, hostels at a cheaper cost and other things.For any queries related to travel and planning, you can feel free to reach to me on tripoto.Financials: The figures have been rounded-off to the nearest figure for calculation.1. 10th June 2016: Direct flight Finnair (to and fro) to Helsinki (Finland) : Rs 41000/- (Booked on GoIbibo, after a discount of 5k)2. 10th June 2016: Reached Helsinki (6.5 hrs journey).3. Next 2 days : Free stay at Friends house ( Spend some 30 euros in travelling around)= Rs 20004. 12th June 2016: Missed ship from Helsinki Harbour ( pre booked on an offer for 4 euros + 10 euro breakfast , Ship : Viking Line) = Rs 8405. 12th June 2016: Paid 52 Euros extra (adjustment) to catch another ship from Turku (2 hrs from Helsinki, Finland) + 30 euros ( Taxi + Train ticket from Helsinki to Turku) = 8o Euros = Rs 56006. 13th June 2016: Arrived in Stockholm, Stay in "City Hostel" booked via hostelworld app = 34 euro (2 days) = Rs 25007. 13th - 15th June 2016:Travelling in Stockholm ( 600 Swedish krona = Rs. 50008. 15th June 2016: Flight to Rome ( pre booked 80 euros )= Rs 60009. 15th - 17th June 2016: Stay in Rome "The yellow" (40 euros) + Travelling + Food = 50 euros = Rs 700010. 17th June 2016: Bus from Rome to Venice (15 euros)= Rs 1100/-11. 18th - 20th June 2016: Venice Stay "Camping Rialto" (Camp area : 22 euros (2 days), Travelling and food = 40 euros. Total= Rs 450012. 20th June 2016: Flight from Venice to Prague (Pre Booked)= 50 euros = Rs 400013. 20th June 2016: Stay in "Hostel Mango"( 28 euros for 2 days)= Rs 230014. 20th - 22nd June 2016 : Travelling + food =30 Euros (Converted from Czech Korona) = Rs 250015. 22nd June 2016: Flight from Prague to Helsinki (Pre-booked) = 50 euros = Rs 400016. 23rd June - 29th June :- Helsinki ( Rest + Visiting other friends etc)= 60-70 euros = Rs 500017. 29th June: Flight back to India.18. Visa charges ( VFS global, Delhi) - Rs 6600/ - (Non- Refundable). In case of 1st rejection, you can appeal, but if that is also rejected, you have to forfeit the money.Note: 1. I did not indulge in any kind of luxury shopping (only bought some t-shirts etc on sale), because the motive was to explore as much I can within my budget. 2. I cooked my own food in every hostel (so hostels were booked keeping in mind if they have a kitchen facility). 3. I missed my ship in Helsinki, due to which I had to pay an extra 80 euros (which I think I could have saved).4. There was a deep and thorough research done as to what places to visit, which hostel to stay-in, which flight to book. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you plan such trips (As you play in with a different currency). 5. Also, time of visit has a great impact on your expense, June- August is the peak season, but if you plan it well and book you tickets and accommodation well in advance, this will bring a minimal impact on you expense.

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