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#Bestbeach2019, #Miami beach, Florida, US.Yeah guys this year turned out to be a surprise for me. I got a chance to visit for a two month trip to Miami and that's when I visited the Miami beach, which is truly a hot destination.Even I was curious that is it really that good but yep, I enjoyed being to the South beach in Miami. It was one of the cleanest and sexiest beach ever I have been too. I tried to share all the pictures so that you could relate to it. Well Florida is a state of beaches and to be honest I visited as many beaches as I could. But south beach had its own captivating power.The first time visited there, it was evening and people were taking pictures and doing yoga, having a photoshoot, bathing at the beach and even some of them were fishing. It was a true attraction for any one of us who would like to visit Miami. Big cruises and tall skyscrapers along with motor boats,etc. People will find different options of their choice at Miami Beach.There was beautiful lightning in late evening and it enhanced the beauty of the place. I truly admired the view from the Bayside point. The colorful Hard rock Cafe in the sea , then countless eating places near the beach. Everyone of them had their own beauty. People of every age were there to get immerse in that beautiful evening.I also had the one drink named Pina colada and guys it was truly marvelous, Miami is truly a heaven for drink lovers. Whether it's alcoholic or non alcoholic. You will find yourself a one for sure. Then the food, I must tell you, it is good for those who love trying different cuisines but not people like me who love their desi tadka😅.There were shops and people kept soaking in the waves till late evening and it was really a peaceful day and also a mesmerizing one too.I truly recommend people to visit Miami Beach if they are going to Florida. It's truly miraculous and love for the beach lovers and 🏄.#Miami beach #Bestbeach2019 #mustvisitdestination

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Best time to visit Miami Beach is from October to February

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