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Infinite sea, spectacular landscapes, rock formations make Greece Infinitely Beautiful. From the capital Athens to the beautiful villages Kalambaka and Oia Greece is full of grace. The country is a perfect destination to enjoy everything you want being it Mountains, architecture or beaches. As I woke up early morning in Athens, a new city and a new country, I wanted to feel the morning breeze. I peeked through the windows and there were 3 kids with their mom waiting for their school bus. Its wascute and so were their uniforms and vans. How amazing it is to see the different people and cultures. There were people on roads, in cars and bikes going to work. Day starts at 7:00 am in the country.We had to rush the rental shop after a breakfast and we hired a taxi which took around 20 minutes. I did not blink for a second in that duration because I was too excited to see the new city. It was worth indeed.The city is full of fine architecture and beautiful buildings. We hired a scooty in 30 Euros and flew on the roads (Not actually, we were so scared of traffic rules and the left right sides. Max speed was 40). We went to Acropolis and it was spectacular. The ticket cost of Acropolis was 16 Euros per person which is heavy on pocket as per Indian Currency. We clicked some beautiful photographs and I would love to share them. The weather was hot, sun was burning us! And yes! it was crowdy. versha_har361 followers View Profile  versha_har151 posts · 361 followers View More on Instagram LikeComment Save 52 likes versha_harAcropolis in Athina, Greece. #goodmorning #ilovegreece???????? #ilovegreece #wonderlustgreece #greece #like4like #followme #follow4follow #athens #dream #beautiful #greecepix #europe #perfect_greece 1 MONTH AGOInstagram

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Best time to visit Athens is from April to September

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