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Day 2 - BerlinWe set the alarm clock at dawn to go to the fish market. The incredible atmosphere is worth the trip. In the big hall, pop rockers shout in front of a conquered public and the beer flows. Only Germans can drink moss so early in the morning.From here our itinerary continues towards the mythical Berlin. It is a unique, exciting, vital city, where the past is still present and the future is already on its doors. We arrive in Berlin late in the morning. To find the route to follow to our hotel, we go to the public transport site.To start our stay in Berlin, we decided to go for a walk in the Kreuzberg district, known for its street artworks. After this first walk in the streets of Berlin, we eat a hamburger at the legendary Burgermeister. We taste their Meisterburger hamburger, made of bacon, fried onions, mustard, and barbecue sauce.Rejuvenated, we continue our discoveries of street art on the other side of the Spree, in the Friedrichshain district. This walk on both sides of the wall is very pleasant despite a large number of tourists. The only catch is that the best-known works are now protected by fences, making them hard to photograph.We visit the Jewish Museum. We keep a mixed memory of this visit. Some parts of the museum are much more interesting than others. We continue on foot to Checkpoint Charlie which is one of the best-known frontier posts during the Cold War era. This marked the territorial division between West and East and the political division between capitalism and communism.It is here that we find the emblematic sign that indicates in part "YOU ARE LEAVING THE AMERICAN SECTOR". It is a highly symbolic place to visit even if we have a little regretted the circus of extras to bait the tourists. We walk along the Unter Den Linden Avenue. Here we stop on the way to admire the university buildings and enter a shop of "Ampelmann", emblematic figure of Berlin traffic lights.We then take a bus to the Tiergarten, the largest park in the city. In the middle of it stands the Victory Column. The bus finally takes us to Zoologischer Garten from where we return to the hotel to pick up our luggage before heading to the airport. We have a short tour by the modern Potsdamer Platz, with a glance in the beautiful courtyard of the Sony Center. Nearby, in the Mall of Berlin, we indulge in some shopping.We head towards the Berlin Wall Memorial. The tour begins in the corridors of the Nordbahnhof metro station where the history of the ghost stations is explained, those which were crossed by East-West lines but in which the metros stopped no more.Portions of the wall and an open-air exhibit along the Bernauer Strasse show the division of Berlin between 1961 and 1989 and how border posts were managed to prevent people from going from one side to the other. What shocked us was the ingenuity of the leaders of the time to stop people from crossing the border. In the middle of the lawn, a stele takes again the name and the photographs of the victims who tried to cross the wall.After this visit, we take the direction of Alexanderplatz whose Television Tower is remarkable from any place in the city. We eat succulent burritos in a small trendy restaurant. To digest, we go for a walk and have a little window shopping at the Alexa shopping center.After that, we take a public bus to stop at the Berlin Cathedral, located on Museum Island. At that moment, the setting sun illuminated the building with all its rays, giving it all its beauty! Since buses pass through the main attractions of the city, we decide to take this means of transport that continues its way on the Unter Den Linden.We stop at the Brandenburg Gate and admire the sunset and the lighting on the door at dusk. It was a superb memory! We take a picture from every angle. We then walk towards the Parliament to visit its glass dome. We were delighted with this visit. The architecture of the dome is breathtaking and the 360-degree view of the city is splendid!For dinner, we eat a delicious Kebab and currywurst. We have to wait at least 30 minutes before being served, but it was worth it! Tomorrow we will go to Dresden.

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Best time to visit Berlin is from July to October

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