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And on day 4 I have reached Da Nang at mid night and checked in to my hotel and did a tight sleep and at 8 in the morning I have rented a bike(Yamaha) for around 150,000 dongs for 24 hour basis, and fuelled it up for 60000 dongs and I was set for my way to Bana hills. It was 35Kms from the Danang City centre. It took me around 45Mins to reach there. And the entrance ticket for the sun World, Bana hills is 700,000 dongs which is around 2000INR. After being in , I'm amazed with what I have witnessed with those 2000 INR. Just amazing. you can see the pictures in my blog to know how beautiful it is. At first, we have to get in a cable car for a 25 minute ride to the mountain and I'm very fortunate that I was in the cable car which went over the waterfalls. Because there are 3 cable car lines to the mountain and the one which I'm in is the only one which offers the view of waterfalls on the way. So after a long ride , we will reach the French village and also I have got an additional bonus as the flower festival 2019 is going on in the Bana hills, it's very couloruful and Very touristy. French artists performances are so good. And then walking through the French colony I have went to the temples zone and then to Mighty Golden bridge. We have to get into another cable car which we r gonna ride for 5 minutes to reach golden bridge. And the view is just breath taking. I am stunned by the visuals. And then moving further I got into a funicular ride to reach the flower garden and Laddy buddha. And after reaching there , suddenly it started Raining. So experienced every bit of climate over there. Also there's an amusement park inside the Sun world in which I choose a Roller coaster ride which is quite adventurous. And at round 2 Pm I took an cable car ride back to the boarding point. And still it's drizzling a bit, but anyway I drove back to My hotel for a small refreshment break and then headed to the beaches of Da Nang. The beaches are well maintained. And I have to mention about the bridges in Da nang, every bridge has its own speciality over here. Like the Dragon bridge.And yeah today I wanted to taste my indian food. It's been around 5 days without rice and spices. So I'm very desperate to have some Indian food. At 8 pm went to an Indian restaurant 'The Himalaya' to have my dinner. And the taste is good over there.So the excited part is today's stay. I am staying in an capsule hotel. Generally Capsule hotel concept is like a Room in space ships. So I want to experience once. Got it for 150,000 dongs which is around 350INR with A/C and Complimentary breakfast. It's the best deal. Do check out "Nang capsule hotel".Good night guys , look forwarding to spend my upcoming days in Vietnam more adventurously.

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