#20ThingsILoveAboutMacao : Next on My Bucket List 


Bucket lists usually feature destinations flung far away in lands unknown. However, as someone who loves cities, their relentless fervour, their pace that stops for no-one and their super-happening activities on offer, my bucket list is a collection of the most intoxicating cities around the world. The next destination that is now on my agenda is none other than the Vegas of Asia, Macao. Renowned over the world for its resort cities and for being frequented by tourist more than Las Vegas, Macao is a dream for traveller. Here are the #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao. 

1. Adventure Activities

One thing that really excites me about Macao is the numerous options of adventure that it offers. I want to experience mast climb, bungee jumping, sky jumping and Golden Reel.  

2. Heritage

I want to explore the historic district of Macao. Monuments such as A-Ma Temple, St. Lawrence's Church, and St, Augustine's Church  give a peep into Macao's rich heritage. 

3. Light and sound shows 

I am ready to be stunned by The Eiffel Tower light show, the House of Dancing Water and Fortune Diamond show. 

4. Exploring Macao on a cruise 

A number of cruises go around the shimmering Macao at night. I look forward to have a sumptuous meal on the observation deck and observe the night dawn over Macao. 

5. Macao's exhilarating nightlife 

In the City of Dreams, there are a number of pubs, discotheques, bars and restaurants which are ideal for a party-lover. I'd definitely want to end everyday at one of these spectacular places. 

6. Massages to remember 

A vacation needs to be more than just an overdose of adventure activities and parties. I like to take out the time to pamper myself and go for a relaxing spa. 

7. Visiting museums

Macao Museum,  Maritime Museum and Wine Museum are places I'd visit to get more insight into the culture of Macao.

8. Sight-seeing 

I want to take a hike to Guia Fortress and enjoy the endless view of the ocean from its top. 

9. Temples and Monasteries

With Chinese and Buddhist culture being the most prominent ones in Macao, I would like to visit temples like A-Ma Kim Iam Tong, Lin Fong and Lin Ka to see their approach to spirituality and religion. 

10. European style gardens

I cannot wait to take a leisurely stroll in Camoes Garden, Flora Garden and Arts Garden.

11. Play with Pandas 

 Giant panda Pavilion at the Seac Pai Van Park in Coloan is home to the endangered Pandas who I'd love to see going about their day. 

12. Diving into culture 

At the A-Ma Cultural Village on Macao's Coloane Island, I want to learn of the legend of Goddess of Seafarers.

13. Historic monuments 

The Vasco Da Gama monument, Matteo Ricci Statue, Friendship Statues and Four Faced Buddha Statue are monuments that I want to visit. 

14. Shopping! 

Macao's fashion arcades are famous among fashion enthusiasts. I want to explore the luxury brands in One Central Macao Mall and experience street shopping in Red Market. 

15. Beaches 

The Cheoc Van Beach and Hac-Sa-Beach are beaches I'd like to visit. 

16. Cycle through Macao

I'd want to cycle through Taipa and Coloane islands and enjoy their beauty. 

17. Attending festivals 

It would be amazing if I can visit during the Chinese New Year celebrations so that I can see how the culture celebrates. 

18. Try Macanese Cuisine 

The Macanese Cuisine is influenced by Chinese and Portuguese flavours. I want to experience this delicious cuisine and try food such as Tacho, Capela, and African Chicken. 

19. Hotel the Venetian Macao

A taste of Vegas and Venice in this luxury hotel.

20. Fisherman's Wharf 

To experience the waterfront, entertainment centres and hotels. 

With these 20 things (and more) that Macao has to offer, I would love to visit the country and make travel memories I will remember fondly.