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The place where holy resides to make every individual feel welcome and pristine. Yes, it's Amritsar, one of the largest cities in Punjab, popularly known for the home to the holiest shrine of Sikhs.

Everyone in this country is familiar with the beauty of serenity of the Golden Temple, yet some of them get a chance to witness it with wide-open eyes. A place that is home to thousands of devotees, offering their prayers and paying tribute to the divine.

I feel blessed that I finally got a chance to visit this holy shrine that has thousands of people coming and praying to the deity every day. I understood peace when I sat in front of the temple and started looking at it, this was something I'm unable to put in better words, I just felt like lost, with a sense of stability and smile of hope on my face.

It might seem unusual to most of the readers, but it is true. When was the last time who felt such contentment while just sitting and looking towards the wonderful creation, I felt that and this is something every one of you should witness.

It doesn't matter at what time of day you are sitting, just go there and look towards the temple, you will surely find the path and will see all your worries fading within time. I guess there is really something magical in the holy places, it makes you forget every bad thing you are going through.

This can be a spiritual as well as enthralling experience for all of you, this holiest place is opened 24 hours a day, an enormous golden palace intensifying a man-made lake, which gives relaxation to the eyes, a remarkable sight to observe and capitulate the anxiety and hopelessness built inside you. Take a dip in the lake and explore the beautiful Golden Temple by millions of people from all over the world.

Amritsar has a lot to offer to its visitors, it's not only about the sacred places that are yet to explore and bring us a new destination to you, but this holy city is the epitome of adversity that several people have faced during the phase of independence.

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Photo by: Shagun Sharma

Well, whom am I kidding, we all have read in our history books about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, where the British brutally fired the innocent civilians, that's the place one should definitely visit. Enchantingly, the memorial has been taken care of by the same family from the past three generations who have survived the massacre.

When you hear the National Anthem, it sure gives you goosebumps, but imagine standing near the Wagha Border and witness the closing ceremony, it gives different kinds of chills. You all might be aware of the facts and terminologies of Wagha Border, it is the only border crossing between India and Pakistan, which lies between Amritsar and Lahore. The Wagah Border ceremony takes place every evening and lasts about 45 minutes, which involves the lowering of the flags on both sides of the border.

Food, the essential ingredient, no one can live without it, well when it comes to North Indians, we have an amazing repo for being food lovers. The streets of Amritsar, servers the best food for all the tourists and the locals as well. As Amritsar is the holy city of Punjab, so there is nothing you can miss, from Sarson ka saag and Makkai ki roti to butter chicken and Amritsari Kulche and lassi, it an essential beverage of every Punjabi.

Well, Amritsar has a lot more to offer, visiting this place can fill your pockets with serenity, adventure, hope, will also bring some tears, and at the end will make you a proud citizen of the country.