Fun Facts About Maldives – Island Secrets


The Maldives might just be the most popular beach destination in the world, but these islands still hold a number of fun and interesting secrets. So, let’s take a look at a few fun facts that you might not have known about this little paradise in the Indian Ocean.

The Geography

There are well over a thousand islands in the Maldives archipelago – most of these are actually unpopulated too! This makes the Maldives the perfect place to live out your inner Robinson Crusoe fantasy! In fact, this will be a tagline you’ll see in most Maldives hotel offers.

Exiled Royalty

Photo of Fun Facts About Maldives – Island Secrets 2/3 by Amie Ginendra
Image via  Wiki media commons

It is believed that the first people to colonise the Maldives originally arrived from the Indian subcontinent somewhere around 269BC. There is some evidence that these settlers were also led by a Kalinga prince that had been exiled from his homeland.

Coral Builders

When people first arrived in the Maldives, they must have realised that the island was lacking in traditional building materials like stone and wood. So, instead, they turned to coral! Even today, you’ll find plenty of ancient buildings that were initially crafted with coral.

The Flattest Nation

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially recognised the Maldives as the flattest nation on the planet! On average, the ground elevation here is just around 1.5 metres above sea level.