Have you tried the bugs and insects from the Cambodian walking tour?

23rd Apr 2019
Day 1

It was a casual evening, where the hostel had a walking tour. Since it was my first day, I decided to check it out to make some new friends in the country. There were a bunch of us who just got into the hostel. The walking tour for $5 included a tuktuk ride and a ferry ride and gave a glimpse of the Phnom Penh city for newcomers.

We walked around, saw the new country with excitement . I became friends with a German guy and a French girl who happened to meet again later while backpacking in Thailand. We tried some Cambodian drinks and snacks on the way at our own expenses. In the main square, we saw teenagers, old couples dancing to the Cambodian music and we decided to join . We were being very terrible dancers but we had so much fun and the locals were very much happy to have us. We danced for a while and then our Cambodian guide took us to the exciting place where we all are waiting for.

I was very much excited till I got there. Although, I am a big fan of non vegetarian who pretty much eats anything, there were few things here which was way out of my menu. Watch the full video to know more and let me know in YouTube comments section, about your backpacking trip to Cambodia and also some of the unique food you have tried while travelling.

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