Macao is not just a place. It's many places in one. #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao


Choosing our place to travel depends upon preferences.

Some like to go for a leisurely holiday while some like to see and appreciate the architecture and history of a place. Some prefer places which are great to shop, whereas some like to find a secluded place and stay away from the hustle bustle.

Some like adventure, some like wildlife, some like photography, some like beaches, some like giving their taste buds something delightful, some like culture, and I can go on and on.

But, I’ll save your time by telling you, that no matter what you like, or you’re your preferences are, Macao has an experience stored for you. An experience that you would love.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe by the end of this little article, you would.

Here's a list of experiences you can avail, but just visiting Macao.


#1: Experience the charm of Venice in Macao

Have you seen the movie, “Now you see me 2”?

Imagine sliding down that water pipe in America, and landing in China!

If you haven’t seen the movie, no worries. Just imagine, being in Macao, and suddenly, being transported to Venice.

There’s a shopping mall in Macao, which is modelled exactly like Venice. The cobblestone streets, a beautifully painted ceiling, gondola rides in a canal and everything in that mall would make your mind believe you’re in Venice.


#2: Feel like Paris at the Eiffel Tower

The moment you hear Eiffel Tower, you must have painted a picture of Paris and the billions of people who have clicked themselves with it. But, well, when you’re in Macao, you could be in 2 places at once.

So go ahead, fulfil that lifelong wish of visiting the Eiffel Tower and getting a romantic or a creative picture clicked with it.

You can also stay there for the night and catch the light show that runs every 15 minutes starting at around 6 PM till midnight.

Not only this, get an unparalleled view of the city from its observation decks.


#3: Get transported to Rome at the Fisherman’s Wharf

How’s your Euro Trip coming along? Errr…. I mean Macao Trip.

Located across Sands Macao and near Macau Maritime Terminal, this 111,500 –square meter theme park is divided into three sections: Dynasty Wharf, East Meets West, and Legend Wharf. It also offers a wide array of shopping centers and restaurants, making it the perfect location for your Instagram-worthy photos.


#4: Witness Portuguese history

Macao has been home to the Portuguese, or at least the Portuguese once used to call Macao home. Taking a stroll through the Senado Square, Maritime Museum, A-Ma Temple, St. Lawrence’s Church, St. Augustine’s Square, St. Joseph’s Seminary & Church would show you their remnants here.


#5: Meet Giant Pandas at Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

Talking of movies, you surely must have seen at least one from the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ series. Didn’t you feel like cuddling Po? Or any of the little pandas from the last movie in the series.

Well, apart from watching a lot of land and aquatic animals, you can watch the Giant Pandas at the Seac Pai Van Park (Macao Giant Panda Pavilion), which is an ecological park. The place houses ‘Kai Kai’ and ‘Xin Xin’, who are 2 of the 320 Giant Pandas living in breeding centres and zoos around the world.

And well, ‘Xin Xin’ also has 2 little ones named ‘Dabao’ and ‘Xiaobao’, meaning ‘big treasure’ and ‘small treasure’ in English, giving you even more reasons to visit.

These Giant Pandas can amuse even the most boring humans with their antics.


#6, #7, #8, #9: Hike up to beautiful views

Am sure you like short hikes, unless you only like the big ones.

Macao offers many hiking trails that let you discover the little gems of this quaint little region. Small Taipa, Grand Taipa, Guia Hill, Mong Ha Hill, Seac Min Pun Ancient Path are just some of the hiking trails you can choose from.

Each trail offers a unique view and a unique experience.


If you are short on time, go ahead for the Small Taipa 2000 Circuit. This circuit had it’s opening in the year 2000, and hence got it’s name from there.


If you have a little more time at hand, and looking forward to a leisurely picnic, you can choose the Grand Taipa Hill hike. The trail is about 4000 meters, and is located at the top of Grand Taipa Hill, which is also the highest point of Taipa island. Gorgeous panoramic views would welcome you from here.


If you enjoy bird watching, just grab on your binoculars and take on the Seac Min Pun Ancient Path. The steps on this trail would not only help you in finding some birds, but glorious landscapes would also await for you to see and click them.

One of the most historic trails, this was a route used by the locals as a means of getting from one point to another to exchange goods. And now, this trail is taken by the ones who like to explore nature.


If you want to hike up a popular trail which features a chapel, an old military fort and an iconic Lighthouse, you should go for the Guia Hill Hike.

Constructed in the 1600s, the Guia fortress, much like most of Macau’s architecture, is largely influenced by Portuguese architectural styles. Built on Guia Hill, the fortress is actually geographically located on the highest point of peninsular Macau, offering breathtaking skylines.


#10: Feel that adrenaline rush at Macau Tower

No matter which part of the city you are at, spotting the 338 meters tall Macau Tower is something you cannot miss. Apart from taking some pictures of this gigantic tower, you could also opt for the world’s highest bunjee jump from the building. A fall from 200 meters above ground, would give you an adrenaline rush like never before.


#11: Laze on the unique black sands of Hac Sa Beach

After all the adventure, that is, if you like adventure, you would surely want to give your body and mind some rest. And if you are not into adventure, then surely you would love to laze by the beach.

Hac Sa Beach is the largest natural beach in Macao and one of the most popular places in summers. The beach got its name from the natural black sand on the beach (Hac Sa means black sand in Cantonese). Catching the sunset from this beach may just make your evening perfect.


#12: Enjoy night photography

With travelling comes a great responsibility. To click great pictures. While the beautiful landscapes give you enough clicking opportunities, the nights in Macao offer you some beautiful sights, in case you enjoy strolling in the night.

As the sun sets, and the lights lit up the city, get ready to be rewarded with some beautiful sights and pictures. Your camera would love the Harbour area near the Macau Science Center and the surroundings areas of the Wynn hotel.


#13: Witness an epic love story at the House of Dancing Water

Every country in this world has a love story to tell. But there’s none like ‘House of Dancing Water’ - the world’s biggest water-based stage show, that is performed in a 14 million litre pool, in a state-of-the-art theatre at City of Dreams Macao.

The tale of the fisherman who gets swept to the land of pirates and princesses because of a storm would sweep you off your feet. No wonder, this ranks on the top of every must-see Macao attraction.


#14: Have a foodgasm

Well, the street food of Macao can itself make me talk about ‘20 things I love about Macao’, but, maybe I’ll write an elaborate article on it another time.

Be it the Cheesy Fish Balls at Praca De Ponte E Horta Street, or the street lobster at Macao Old Town; the Pork Chop Bun at Sing Ying Kei on Rua da Alegria do Patane , or the Macau Portuguese Egg Tart at Lord Stow’ Bakery on Rua Do Tassara; the Dai Gwan Pork Buns at Ruo Do Monte, or absolutely anything that you see. Here’s a good advice. If your eyes can see it, you better make your taste buds taste it. And you’d come back with many many more delicacies you’d long for.


#15: Feel like the Pop King at Michael Jackson Mansion

Imagine. A private Karaoke room to sing your favourite numbers, a rain forest shower and a Jacuzzi with unique river views, and to top it all, the late Pop King’s – Michael Jackson’s insignia and memorabilia. Welcome to the Michael Jackson Mansion, located in the Sofitel Macau at Pointe 16 Hotel. If you’re an MJ fan, this is just the place for you.


#16: Ride the most unique Ferris Wheel in the world

Macao is home to the only figure ‘8’ Ferris Wheel in the world. Yes, you read it right. This ain’t your regular Ferris Wheel.

As per the Chinese culture, number ‘8’ is said to be auspicious and bring luck.

So, the Studio City resort in Macao, has its own figure ‘8’ Ferry Wheel that lets you admire views from 130 meters up in the air, while you travel in it, moving in the shape of an ‘8’.

And of course, this experience has to be written at #8.


#17: Admire the view of Macau from Lady of Penha Church

Near the southweat corner of the Macau Peninsula, Lady of Penha is a little church that rests atop Penha Hill. It gives you an exhilarating 270-degree hilltop view of the city. While you can see the Macao Tower, the harbor and Cotai Island on one side, you can witness beautiful vistas of the Straight on the other.


#18: Cruise Macao on a traditional junk

Once renowned for its fishing industry, many fishing boats and ships were built in the shipyards of Macao. These traditional fishing boats, also called ‘junks’, can be rented to cruise through Macao’s Peninsula coast, and giving you a spectacular view of the skyline during sunset. You can even jump into the water for a swim. The ‘Junk’ offers a rare opportunity to see Macao from a completely different perspective.


#19: Admire the largest cushion cut diamond in the world

Already made your eyes sparkle. Isn’t it?

Standing tall at 856 feet, The Grand Lisboa Hotel, is undoubtedly the most iconic building in Macao skyline.

The hotel also houses a 218-carat diamond that weighs 43.8 grams. No kidding!

The diamond, named the ‘Star of Stanley Ho’, after the Macanese tycoon and the owner of the Grand Lisboa Hotel, ‘Stanley Ho’, is the largest diamond of its kind in the world.


#20: Discover the beauty of the Ruins of St. Paul

If one takes a consensus, the Ruins of St. Paul turns out to be the most beautiful place to see in Macao.

Built in between 1602 and 1649 and destroyed by fire in 1835, the ruins are all that can be seen of the former Church of Mater Dei and St. Paul’s College. Today, these ruins are one of Macao’s best known landmarks, and one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World. The ruins have also been listed as part of the Historic Centre of Macao, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Well, when are you visiting Macao for such unique experiences?