"Mauritius" made me a traveller

20th Oct 2019
Photo of "Mauritius" made me a traveller by Sylvania D'Souza
Day 1

So I had never Visited any place... Apart from Goa being my home town.. that too in a car or by train..
Until when I got married.. but unfortunately we didn't get to go on a honeymoon soon after our marriage..
But I, anyhow wanted a honeymoon atleast before we hit our First wedding anniversary..
After searching and hunting for many Honeymoon destinations.. we finally stuck on going to "Mauritius"
Even though nothing was fixed or booked.. I had dreamt about us being there..
And then finally it was happening..
And so our Nervousness kept increasing as it was our first time.. but..
The feeling of going to the Airport is just beyond measures..
Getting that first Stamp on your passport, getting your first boarding pass (which I have saved it with me), getting to know all the procedures and asking regular travellers for help, visiting the duty free section, Sitting in the Plane for the first time, our first hotel stay... I had butterflies in my stomach..
And excitingly these were the first for my husband too..
What's best than doing all your first with your lifeline..
But before going on this trip.. we both were very clear with the fact that this would be our first and last international trip.. because not everyone and not  everytime one can afford to go on a international trip..
But the beautiful Beaches, the turqouis green water and most importantly the warmthness of the people there made us fall in love..
As the days passed by we were getting upset of the fact of going back..
But were obviously excited and waiting to explore every beauty, every corner of Mauritius..
On our last day we both literally had tears in our eyes.. because we spent 7days with each other exploring a unknown place, trying different dishes, making new friends, making memories that will last forever..
And on the last day while we were packing our bags.. we promised each other.. That we will save money and visit one Destination every year, we have to explore how beautiful the world is...  We wanted to fly and not keep sky as the limit..
So it's gonna be 4years for our marriage now..
And we have Visited obviously MAURITIUS,
then, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND then DUBAI this year...
And Goa is always on the list as we visit Every year..
But Mauritius is by far the best trip we have had yet..  I still get goosebumps on thinking of all the first and all the wonderful times we have spend there..
Cannot wait for the next year to begin and plan our next trip for the year ..
We are in no hurry .. we will slowly and steadily win our dreams😊