Potala Palace In Tibet: 



Photo of Potala Palace In Tibet: by Expert Tibet Travel & Tours

The simplest way to getting to Potala palace once you arrival in Nepal or any Chinese Cities.

Potala Symbolize of Tibet. The awesome Building complex design by two major colors white and Red with blue sky is an iconic image of the roof of the world. Close to 12000 feet above from the sea Level & 1300 years old structure with 117 m height tall Potala Palace was winter palace of Dalai lama from 1649 to 1959. It has been a museum since 1994 also it is included in world heritage site. Conventionally the number of visitors to the potala was restricted to 1600 per days with opening hours reduced to only six hours. The whole potala palace covered by mural paintings depicting religious and historical scenes cover the walls, The wall paintings are rich in themes, All the paint & Theme are famous for Tibetan arts.