Badrinath Uttarakhand, a life time experience (solo trip)

4th Aug 2020
Day 1

Have you ever confronted any such experiences on your first solo trip? Would be really interested in your first experiences…

It was my first solo trip, a lifetime experience. Never witnessed such cold weather. I went to the wedding of my close friend in Dehradun. I was very excited and enjoying the rituals of their tradition. Since I had five more days in my hand so I thought to explore the nearby areas. Few freinds suggested me about Badrinath temple which was approximately 12 to 15 hrs. away from Dehradun and I got to know that temple is going to close in coming 2 days.

Since I am a big disciple of Lord Shiva/Vishnu and wanted to take blessings by going there personally. Without wasting  time, I decided to leave for the Badrinath temple. I took a Govt bus and left for the temple early morning. I was there in the Badrinath temple at 10pm and the entire journey was mesmerizing. I had no idea what would have the weather condition over there at Badrinath. Since I came from Kolkata so I had no winter clothes as the weather in East/south India is not that much cold as compared to North India during Oct.

Firstly I took the Darshan after reaching Badrinath. It was around 11 pm at Badrinath, Uttarkhand, looking for a night stay at (-1°) temperature. Very less crowded. I felt a bit secluded. Nearby Guesthouses, Hotels are almost closed. My body was started oscillating since I had no winter cloth as per the condition. I was roaming in nearby areas in searching for a night stay. Suddenly clap eyes on an “Ashram” which is 1/2 km up to the holy temple. I went there and slowly opened the gate what I saw in the Ashram surprised me; six to seven monks were there with fewer clothes I asked myself how they do survive in such lagging weather.

After a long discussion with one of the monks, finally, the Maharaaj came. I went to him and touched his feet for blessing.

He politely asked, “Where are you coming from” with a very low voice
I said, "From Dehradun".
Have you had anything?
I said “no”.
Okay, take Prasad and stay here tonight (he replied).

I had good fortune to meet a monk named Maharaaj. The prodigious monk with long hair with such a beautiful voice. We took the Prasad and stayed tonight there. They helped us as God. Prasad for food and blankets to protect yourself from this fierce cold. What else do I need on that night? Thank God.
I needed 5 blankets to protect myself from the severe cold that night. Early morning after taking the Darshan of Badrinath again we moved towards Delhi.

Lifetime cherished. A solo trip is awesome. The next episode can be started with a renewed mind as it helps improve your confidence so much.

Badrinath, Uttarkhand
Oct 20

Photo of Badrinath Temple by Kali Charan Pani