Wow Tapes: Thailand

3rd Nov 2015

Wow Tapes: Thailand is one of a kind.

Unlike most of our videos, it was filmed during two different trips. When we first landed in Bangkok, in November 2015, we had no idea the moment we would have posted a video about it would have come.

We just had one cheap camera, one lens, one tripod. What was supposed to be just a trip to break our european routines, turned out being an unforgettable journey begging to get every minute filmed. From the unbelievable temples and villages in the very North, to the amazing southern beachside, through monkey filled alleys in Lopburi.

This country and its people stunned us.

Six months later life took us to Asia once again, and again there was no way to resist Thailand's allure: we ended up flying back there, this time with the purpose of giving this film a different twist: we wanted people over beaches, ordinary life over summer holidays, markets over resorts.

Shot with:

Sony a7s

Canon 600d

Gopro Hero 3

DJI Phantom

Edited in Adobe After Effects.

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