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Most of my best friends are useless just like yours, who always drop out after all the plans are done. So this time I decided lets live that. Yeh jawani hai deewani life of kabir and finally gathered some guts to go for my first ever solo trip.Getting kidnapped would never be my case and even if I got myself ever kidnapped I'm sure they are gonna leave me back to same spot with bleeding ears.Also I have over protective dad, just like ever Indian papa who would not sleep if I ever told him about going solo, so I lied only my mom knew I was going for my first ever solo trip.I spend lot of time to make itinerary and read lot of blogs and posts. Before I started this trip I was scared, nervous but still decided to go for it.I am gonna write 4 BlogsBlog 1 - AmmanBlog2- wadi rumBlog3- petraBlog4- dead seaAlso suggesting people going to Jordon buy Jordan pass its much cheaper and convenient and doesn't lget my price and had to do the same throughout the trip.I arrived in Amman and booked an Uber which was 17jd and normal cabs were charging 25jd. I was happy about my decision only for few minutes when just before few minutes of arrival they cancelled my ride. I literally had sad face and wanted to punch those drivers. I waited for 2 long hours and found that Uber is not allowed for pick and drop at airport. Somehow I found a taxi and gave my best to get my price. I never tried so hard to pass in my CA entrance as much I did to get my price and had to do same through out the trip.I reached my Airbnb place and was welcome by Leen and her cat Nooni, who I was sure going to kidnap in my backpack because he was such a sweetheart. I freshened up and soon left to live that solo traveler moment I've been waiting for.

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