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The first step in Bratislava was a moment of magic. Capital of Slovakia, Bratislava embraced us with its basket of uniqueness and surprise for the next two days in the city. Situated in the bank of river Danube, Bratislava is surrounded by vineyards and the little Carpathian Mountains with the Bratislava Castle as the main attraction. The charismatic view of the town and the river from the eloquently built castle gratified our senses. Hlavne namestie literally means the Main Square located in the old town is the place which can never satisfy you even after spending the day. Colours, Music, food, drinks and dance, bustling in the small town is where you are bound to vow yourself for a visit again to this gorgeous town. One must prepare the taste buds, to adjust the drastic variation it brings in compared to the Asian food. Fresh fruit and veggies along with loads of meat and fish with potato sides were all that we tried during the days of our stay in the Slovak city. We took as much of memories we could and moved to our next destination, Budapest.

Best Time To Visit Bratislava

Best time to visit Bratislava is from April to September

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