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Best Time to Visit Chikkamagaluru

Peak Season: (September - February) The temperature in Winters ranges from 10 to 32 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to visit Chikmagalur.

Shoulder Season: (March - June) The temperature in summers ranges from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The hill station can be visited during this period of time, but the hot during this period.

Off-season: (July - September) This place receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, which affects the visit to a lot of places of the town.

Budget for Chikkamagaluru

Accommodation in hostels and guesthouses: INR 400 - 800

  • Food in local cafes and street eateries: INR 50 - 150
  • Public Transport in buses and auto rickshaws: INR 15 - 80
  • Sightseeing: INR 10 - 50.

For Mid-range Travellers: INR 1000 to INR 2500 a day

  • Accommodation in mid-range hotels and resorts: INR 800 - 1000
  • Food in mid-range cafes and restaurants: INR 250 - 500
  • Local transport in local taxis or car rentals: INR 200 - 400
  • Treks and Hiking packages: INR 1000 and upwards.

For Luxury Travellers: INR 2500 and upwards

  • Accommodation in 4* or 5* hotels: INR 3500 and upwards
  • Food in upscale restaurants and bars: INR 700 and upwards
  • Local transport in private taxis: INR 2000 and upwards
  • Guided tours: INR 1500 and upwards.

About Chikkamagaluru

The last patch of tarmac treated us well and we raced towards Chikmanglur only to stop at the entry board which read,“ Welcome to Chikmangalur, the land of coffee.” The sun was fast setting and so would have our tired bodies without some nice hot Coffee and Steaming Kebabs. After a nice sumptuous meal, we booked ourselves in at The Planter’s Court Hotel(₹ 1200), one of the oldest in town. By this time, we were completely exhausted. Riding for the whole day had taken a toll on our hands. Unless treated, the ride next morning would have been difficult. After checking in and a really cold shower, we got out to explore the city. Everything was on the brink of closing down at 8.30 pm. We finally got our hands on some Masala Dosa and Sambar and 2 cups of steaming Panduranga coffee. We then got ourselves 2 pairs of gloves (very very essential) and a few large boxes of Panduranga Coffee & Beans from their shop. Last Stop – Medical Store, got some painkillers and went straight to the hotel. The hotel has this old world charm, might even appear scary at times, my friend almost freaked out in the corridor at night. But a little nectar from the bar helped!

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