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Well, the weather was something I was constantly battling with each day. First of all, some of the countries are in the Northern hemisphere but the majority fall under the Southern sphere. So, when it’s summer in Colombia its winter in Chile. More over almost the entire continent has the Andes on one side and the Amazon on the other. That creates a fairly complex eco system. I experienced this range in Machu Picchu where the day started off as sweltering hot and within one hour the chilly breeze blew in from the Andes. I was more or less sleeping in my down jacket.Feeling LonesomeTravelling solo can also get lonely at times. Even though the solo traveller is pretty smug and happy by themselves, there are times when you crave company and intimacy. Though I met wonderful co travellers there were times when I wish I had someone along especially when I fell sick. But just as it happens, you get to meet cool people along the way. I met these three sisters on the way to Aguas Calientes. Had a blast with them on the train ride. They even gave me some local meds for my altitude sickness. They were from Chile and later invited me to their ranch on the outskirts of Santiago. I might just take that up. Lol! Best part about them; they were named after Shakespearean heroines. Ophelia, Olivia and Regan. Another episode I recall was when my flight to Bogota got cancelled and many of us were stranded in Medellin. The airlines put us up in a hotel and we had a great time telling each other travel stories. Later some of us got connected through Instagram and managed to remain in touch.ConclusionTeething problems arrive early in any new country and I guess it takes about six to seven days to get acclimatized culturally and physically but when you eventually dip into that lifestyle its pretty cool all the way. One must definitely bring an open mind and attitude to the table. Travelling solo does have its perils but the perks are so rewarding it’s almost always worth it.

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Best time to visit Cusco is from April to May and from September to October

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