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Time to pack up - Our flight to Madrid was at 2 pm and the flight to Bangalore from Madrid was at 10 pm. We reached Ibiza airport quite early (Thank god we reached early for what followed). Our flight to Madrid was booked in Iberia Airlines. While booking this flight, we had faced a payment issue. After contacting their customer care and following up with their support, they sent us our boarding cards.But that day in Ibiza when we stood at their counter to check in our baggage, we were told that our tickets had been suspended. The lady at the counter was so arrogant that she did not give us the reason for the suspension but just asked us to clear the line. It was 12 noon then. Without panicking, we rushed to the open counters (Iberia and Air Europa were the only open counters). We were lucky enough to get two seats in Air Europa (it was cheaper than Iberia) for the 13:30 flight. The sad part was there was no intimation from Iberia about our flight cancellation.Advice to people - For travelling in and around Spain, never book Iberia.We had lot of free time in Madrid airport. This time was utilised to scourge through the Duty Free stores.Every time a trip comes to an end, it is always quite melancholic since you are going back to your monotonous lives and parting ways with a beautiful experience (until you plan your next travel). "Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you."

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Best time to visit Ibiza is from March to August and from October to November

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