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Isn't it fascinating that we are living all the time until we actually die?? Situations & circumstances of a person and decisions taken in them make you what you are but It is the way one takes life that determines how its gonna be like.Let's spare how this trip came by but it was like * '' Wake me up, when September ends'' I decided to just leave for Dharamkot, Himachal on the 30th of September 2016, sick with the environment of Chickengunya everywhere having suffered myself, along with a knee injury in an accident prior to it to make worse. Limited cash, No bus tickets, no camera, no smartphone, no study and no idea how it's gonna be possible but my mind had already envisaged it with an approval from my soul, heart skeptic but frantic and all three made me decide to make it un solo by taking Hachi with me. (Hachi had came by in a very special way while on one of my travels like a gift from the mountains. I still remember our first eye contact, she crossed a swelled Parvati bridge to follow us till the road and jumped in from the driver seat to passenger's to sit comfortably as soon as my friend opened the door. She came in as threshold of a new phase her eyes making a deal with mine told me '' I'm not coming with you to be chained, i'm here to unbound you forever''. She's been like a talisman ever since amusing me with her magic spells). It is very difficult to sustain with limited resources but then there was something like, I'm here to look at these mountains with the sky I can hear people talk behind my eye, But I can't stop when my laugh wants to fly.. I'm impervious to jeers at my sight But even the celestial shine bright when they know how i love their sight. Sometimes i talk more than i hide But in my silence shooting stars pass by when i pray to the trees the wind replies with wrath my own knees jolted me down All the wilderness show me if i watch And Oh! How i love people when they sing and laugh God! What an energy it surpass Why Don't you get it?? I'm here to live, let money not be my boss, Be it the only servant i ever have..Sometimes you need to trust your intentions more than the fear of other's. So i also decided to hitch hike when required, I was vigilant and chary to avoid any problem plus oh! Damn, I had Hachi with me, her presence had turned it into an entirely unique experience coupled with a queer feeling of security. As i reflect on it now, I think every haphazard on this trip was planned by The Universe, even the ones i would hike from. Instead of travelling via Delhi i took the GT road NH 709A connecting Meerut to Karnal , straight ahead, smooth with exquisite countryside views of one of the most fertile lands of our Nation.Our brother dropped us halfway till Shamli. I was to take it from here, with some experience in hitchhike and people too. Trust me It's always not the girl who's scared most of the people don't stop, absolutely not in for any trouble a girl can get them into and at times i don't like the aura of someone who has stopped and i don't take it. The truck that stopped for me was of Himachal, unhurried, without a helper. The driver was reluctant to hike me till Karnal where I could have managed to get a bus to Dharamshala, he might have not even considered taking us in if we did not have our brother along, i could have passed for an absconded. Hachi on the other hand had decided to be perfectly okay with whatever happening wherever going, bewildered at getting on in the truck she made herself at home once I was in. We wished bye to our brother to continue with the switch. With awkward conversations at the beginning we both were soon composed with our company. Ahmed was a hardworking and honest family man who drove his truck real steady, without a helper so as to save some money on fuel and assistance, coming all the way from Agra headed Baddi with his truck loaded with glass bottles. He shared many experiences of his professional life I even slept for sometime. I could have gone all the way till Himachal with him but I needed to be faster than that, going few kilometers off his track he dropped me at a dhaba where the roadways buses stopped for meals. There were already two buses at the dhaba , I had to buy one extra ticket and I was allowed to take her after a verbal confirmation from my side that Hachi is absolutely innocuous to everyone except me. When I came back to say goodbye to Ahmed he was already gone, amazed by such an encounter I took my seat along with her who had chosen the most appropriate set for both, jumped to it like a regular passenger and we started off.

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