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After entering to the cottage, I decided to take a nap for a while. So I did and woke up at around 3.30pm. Then i walked towards the beach which was 80mts away from the resort. There i found a shack and ordered for some beer again. I was enjoying that moment with waves coming forward and going backward.By the time I was down with three pints of Bira, the setting sun along with the changing color of the sea and sky distracted me.The view was exactly like what I've seen in the movie dear Zindagi.After sunset, I went back to my resort and called my chauffer again and asked him to pick me up at around 9.30pm, so that I can have my dinner at Curlies which is in Anjuna Beach.I made some video calls to three of my S friends - Saheli, satty and Sayani. Then had some evening tea and went to washroom to make myself ready for going to Curlies.My chauffer was so punctual. I was late even. Cummon, what can you expect? A girl can not be ON TIME that too when she's going for a night club or pub.Where the chauffer dropped me, from that place it was a bit far through the bushy path and lanes. There was no light. So I had to switch one the torch of my mobile and somehow I reached there.

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