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Its a long drive on Day 7 to Pammukale. It means, “cotton castle” in Turkish and it’s a natural site that’s located near Denizli in Turkey. This town is famous for its hot springs and massive white limestone terraces (travertine). It is also the site of the holy ancient city – Hierapolis that lies just above the travertines. However, these well-preserved ruins of Hierapolis hardly ever receive limelight. Pamukkale’s thermal pools and natural travertines often overshadow them. After all, Pamukkale has received its popularity due to millions of photos of people bathing in calcium pools. Guess what – Pamukkale has been a ‘spa town’ since the Romans arrived in the ancient city of Hierapolis.Miles and miles of white calcium cliffs with multi-level pools as if Mother Nature had created them for her children to bathe in! Pamukkale’s thermal pools and travertines are surely a bizarre sight. The most obvious thing to do in Pamukkale is checking out the travertines that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The access to both the travertines and Hierapolis is through the same gate and the ticket price includes both. The entry to the travertine terraces and the ruins is 35 Turkish Lira.

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