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Day 2→ Ratlam → JaipurTo be honest, the first day was tiring. We had covered almost 600 kms. We weren’t used to that. The 2nd day was to be equally taxing and the aftertaste of the delicious MP special breakfast of poha (best i’ve had), kachori and crisp jalebis soon vanished when we hit the road. Rains lashed at us and we took breaks to sip more chai and filled up our own bellies while our rides had their fill of petrol.The climate remained adverse till we crossed on to Rajasthan (the desert state seemingly shuns the rain clouds). Throughout the journey, we had a plan of alternating between bikes and cars in a manner of ensuring each 1 of us rested atleast once a day. We called this ‘resting’, but it was the guy sitting in the car next to the driver who was the busiest. While not photographing with 2 DSLR’s and multiple smartphones, he had to manage the music especially to the taste of the driver, scour for snacks from backseat and feed the driver, all the while navigating to ensure that the best possible routes were taken.I was handling the ‘resting’ duty by the time we were nearing Chittorgarh. Amidst multitasking, i missed a left turn on the highway and Kuttan (driver) naturally took the route most vehicles were taking up. I realized my folly a minute later when google announced a re-route which took us through the town. My initial panic turned to worry when i spotted traffic ahead in the map which would mean a delay (and as mentioned earlier, Jaipur was a good distance ahead). However, all that dissolved when the traffic turned out to be negligible and before joining back the highway, we got a mesmerising glimpse of the high walls of the ancient fort city of ‘Chittorgarh’ gleaming in the sun.A day back when we were studying the route, Anand had asked whether we would be able to see the fort. The route we meant to take would not have made that happen. Whether it was a coincidence or just plain luck, the wrong route led to a pleasant surprise. As someone said, wrong turns may sometimes lead to right places.

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