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-UKHRUL-Ukhrul is a district in the north-eastern state of Manipur, India. It lies about 90 kms north of Imphal.How to reach :- By Air - The nearest airport is Tulihal Airport in Imphal.By Road - You can drive down from Imphal taking NH-202.By Rail - The nearest railway station is Dimapur, which is in Nagaland. And is about 330kms away.A little about the placeUkhrul is a land of beautiful mountains interspersed by numerous tribal inhabitants echoing with the rhythms of tribal cultures and rich wild life. Besides the serene environment, the ways of life of the simple and friendly tribals who have been known for generations for their honesty and integrity leave one spellbound. The district is the home for a warrior tribe called Tangkhul Nagas. It is believed that the earliest home of the Tangkhuls, the great Mongolian race was the upper reaches of Huang Heo and Yangtze Rivers which lies in the Zinjiang province of China. Like the other desert areas of the world, the people including the Tangkhuls migrated from this place to different directions.For me the people were bright, warm and always smiling! They were one of the most friendly people I have met in my life ( no exaggeration). There is something about that warm friendly smile that you tend to feel at home at the very first meeting.We have been planning for a trip to Ukhrul for quite a while now and finally everything just seemed to fall into place for the trip. We had to meet an officer and his wife as they were getting posted out and the time was good for my Longpi Village trip and my Shirui Trek. And I jumped in at the idea!I have been in Manipur for more than a year and unlike most ladies it was not the 'temple border lungis' , 'the manipuri silk saree' , 'jewellery' that fascinated me. In fact I haven't bought any of them... what I wanted was ' The Longpi Black Stone Pottery'. I did pick up a few pieces from the Sangai Festival and I totally loved cooking in them.

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