Types of people you meet on Solo Trips

17th May 2019
Photo of Types of people you meet on Solo Trips by Jessi
Day 1

1. The Photographers- This species loves to take selfies with everyone, pictures of everything. Look, it's a sunset, post it on Snapchat. Look, it's a cow, let's share on IG. Look, it's the poop, let's take a selfie.

2. The Talkers- These just cannot keep their mouth shut. They will try hard to make small talks or bore you with random life stories.

Someone-Hey, you're alone on the trip.. why so?

Me-To find you and kill you.

Someone- Cool. So the road is a little rocky. Don't worry, I'm here for you.

3. The Competitive ones- These folks want to lead the way. They won't rest, eat or stop but will complete ahead of everyone, only to wait 5hours for rest of the group.

4. The Tired ones- This species is always tired. They need water just after 5 minutes of walk. The only words you will hear from their mouths are "how much is left", "let's stop for a minute", "M gonna die", "God, kill me" etc.

5. The DJs- They are here only to share their rocking Spotify playlist with the group. You can never be lost. Music will follow you EVERYWHERE.

6. The Foodies- You don't need any introduction. These are actually the ones you will need on your INTO THE WILD trips. Their backpacks are always full of chips, chocolates, biscuits, water, nachos, pizza etc.

7. The Loaders- These can be identified from a distance. They will resemble Vikram Betal with literally everything in their backpacks. Extra clothes, extra shoes, extra camera, you name it, and it shall be presented.

8. The Borrowers- These are actually the most easy going types, the light Packers, the vagabonds, only until they want to borrow your water, your food, your blanket, your soul etc..

So tell me what kind are you and whom all have you met. I'm usually the Tired one, and occasionally the Loader.