Things You Must Know Before You Visit Bhutan Bhutan


Bhutan, the land of harmony and the highest Gross National Happiness has been a major attraction space for tourists from all over the world. The rich culture and tradition along with the mesmerizing scenic beauty makes Bhutan a treat for both the heart and the eyes.

Here are a few must-know facts about Bhutan:


People from all nationalities except for people from India, Maldives and Bangladesh need to have a visa to enter Bhutan. Indians, Maldivians and Bangladeshis can fly to Bhutan, if they take the road they must carry a valid passport or their Voter ID Cards. This is a major requirement, so make sure you've figured this out before you arrive so that you don't have to wait too much to explore the wonders of Bhutan!


Be prepared to taste some spicy yet delicious food. Try out the ema datse, which is the national dish of Bhutan, a simple curry made of delicious cheese and chillies. From meat to a variety of vegetables, they've got everything fresh and tasty. From Thimpu to Paro, delicious food awaits you at every corner.

No Smoking but a lot of Liquor

Bhutan is a tobacco-free state. Publicly smoking is illegal. But the alcohol is tax-free and widely available. You can stop by a diner and get yourself any liquor of your choice along with some hot momos and a spicy dip. Keep yourself warm in the cool weather.


A dzong is a traditional building or a monastery which is a half building and half municipal office. Bhutan has no such division of religion and state. It is a Vajrayana Buddhist nation. The remarkable cultural heritage of Bhutan is visible in these dzongs and their calm and serene ambience. Be well dressed when you visit them as they are both official buildings as well as places of worship.


There are three official banks that accept foreign currency in Bhutan – Druk Punjab national Bank, Bank of Bhutan and Bhutan National Bank. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to withdraw money, but the fees might be too much. It is better to withdraw cash from beforehand. The Indian rupee is accepted in Bhutan and can be used, apart from the Bhutanese ngultrum.

Choose Guided Tours

You would require a registered guide to lead you through Bhutan as you explore its wonders. A "guided tour" might sound a bit distressing to you, but you'd need it. The guide will help you communicate with the locals, translate local myths and stories and take you to the remotest parts of this alluring destination.

Now that you have a card up your sleeve, witness Bhutan and experience a sense of tranquility like you never have before!