10 Best Hotels In Asia That Give An Iconic View

­­­Your hotel room window is perhaps, your very first glimpse of the new city. It is the view you stare at the longest, the view you wake up to every morning and doze off to each night. That’s why these best luxury hotels in Asia make sure that your first impression is your best impression of the city. Located at the most precise spots, they bring the best of the city, through your window, into your room.  They give you a look into the overall beauty of the city without even having to step out.

Tripoto brings to you 10 best hotels in Asia and their rooms with a view that make up half of the luxury.
1)      Wildflower Hall, Shimla, India


This lovely hotel brings the Himalayas to your window.  Located within the range in the beautiful capital of Shimla, this property belonged to Lord Kitchener and still retains the period charm of the colonial era. See the snow-covered beauties from your window while you snuggle by the fireplace in their Deluxe rooms.

2) Ritz Carlton, Singapore



Framed in an octagonal window, the wonderful view of the Marina Bay from the Ritz Carlton’s  Millenia Suite and deluxe rooms, will make your bathing experience extraordinary.  While the view from the bedroom is not so bad, the bathroom window nails it with a direct panoramic view of the bay.  The glitter and glory of the Singapore skyline at night directly radiates in your room.  What’s more? You can enjoy the amazing light and water show at the Marina Sands in the cozy comfort of your room.

3) Hotel Marmara, Antalaya, Turkey



The world’s only revolving loft at Hotel Marmara makes sure that you are never bored looking at the same view.  With 24 rooms, the loft provides a new view every hour. From the beautiful Bey Mountains to the majestic Mediterranean sea, the window is your 360 degree panoramic tour of Antalya’s incredible views.  Why settle for one view?

4) Commune By The Great Wall, China

Commune- China


The Great Wall can be seen from the moon alright. But, what if you could also see it from your window? A collection of individual lofts, sitting secluded from the noisy capital of Beijing, proving a spectacular view of an unexplored side of the Great  Wall, Commune is a wonder in itself. These forty lofts include presidential suites that show you a wild and non-touristy side of the Great Wall, while you enjoy a private breakfast.

5) Park Hotel, Tokyo


Located in the most futuristic and trendy district of Ginza, and starting from the 25th floor of a media tower, the Park Hotel cannot be doubted on its view.  While all the rooms provide a stunning glance, capturing the lively and fast-paced character of Tokyo, the Park Suite along with its Premium King and Queen rooms, provide an iconic view of a lit up Tokyo Tower along with the running veins of the city. On a clear day, you might even grab a sight of Mt. Fuji.

6) Intercontinental, Hong Kong

Infinity Spa Pools


Looking over the pristine views of the Victoria Harbour, the Intercontinental provides a Presidential Suite that is considered to be the most luxurious hotel room in Asia. Most Deluxe rooms of the hotel also provide a stunning view of the harbour but the Presidential suite gives you a full, uninterrupted view of Hong Kong‘s bustling urban landscape. So, sit by the infinity pool and watch the 13-minute light and sound show that happens at the harbour each night.

7) J W Marriot Marquis, Dubai

Vault Bar and Restaurant


Walking into the clouds is as easy as opening your window curtain at the J.W. Marriot Marquis in Dubai.  Boastfully the world’s tallest hotel, your window might give you vertigo.  Comprising of two towers of 72-storeys each, ask for a Deluxe room as high as possible to enjoy wonderful views of the city, desert and the sea blurred a little by the clouds.

7) Oberoi  Amarvilas, Agra, India



Wake up to an extravagant view of one of the 7 wonders of the world. The Oberoi Amarvilas is an accumulation of romance, set in an amber palace furnished with intricate details from the culture and traditions of India, overlooking the monument of love. Almost all rooms provided an unparalleled view of the Taj Mahal. But, the Kohinoor Suite is what you should aim for. With three balconies, you can see the monument from every corner of the room. Watch the marble delight change colours from dawn to dusk directly from your window.

9) Pangu 7 Star, Beijing, China



From the windows of Pangu 7 Star Hotel, you can trace the development of Beijing. Hailed as the most luxurious hotel in the capital, it is surrounded by the best architectural delights the city has to offer. Located in the Olympic district of Beijing, some important landmarks like the Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), National Library etc. can be easily spotted from your window. Watch these modern wonders light up along with the rest of the city while you rest in the arms of luxury.

10)   Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Located in the main shopping and business district of Kuala Lumpur, a look out of any room in the Traders hotel will give you a glimpse of the buzzing heart of the city. The highlight, though, is the proximity to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and therefore the amazing view. They have a special suite called the Twin Towers View Suite that gives a full, majestic view.  Almost like you were standing right next to the towers.

So, have you been to any of these best hotels in Asia?


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