10 Off-Beat Places For A Perfect Proposal

Jitters of nervousness. A ring. A confession of love. An important question. And, now a faraway romantic location added in the backdrop. Are you looking for a best place to propose?

After destination weddings (or rather before that) romantics have gone a step further to ensure that everything happens at the perfect moment, in the perfect place, this time choosing one to pop the question. Destination proposals are becoming a thing. Travel romantics are searching for the perfect setting to get the yes.  Even though, the concept is quite new, there are already clichés like the Taj Mahal, Canals of Venice, Eiffel Tower etc.

Therefore, Tripoto brings you a list of places that are still very raw and will make for a great proposal story. Extra points for thinking out of the box.

1)   Under The Cherry Blossoms Of Kyoto, Tokyo

cherry blossoms kyoto


One thing that probably won’t ever seize to be romantic is flowers. The Cherry Blossoms or the ‘sakura’ as they are locally called, symbolize the ephemeral quality of life. It speaks of destroying the old and beginning the new. Ring any bells? In a silent park by the lake covered with trees decorated with these sweet pink flowers. This might as well be an actual fairy tale and may turn out to be a best place to propose.

The spot- Go for a quiet evening walk on the Path of Philosophy and break the silence with a surprise.

2)  In The Infinite Deserts Of Morocco

desert of morocco


Proposal in a desert? Might actually be more fun than you think. Especially if you are an adventurist at heart. Enjoy the solitude of the vast Sahara, the dwindling horizon, the infinite landscape and the poetic romance that a desert often inspires. It might be a rough idea and an unconventional one even. But, with the element of surprise by your side, you can make the gesture when she least expects it.

The spot- Pretty much anywhere but if you have to pick one go for the dramatic Erg Chebbi dunes.

3)  At The Lantern Festival In China

lantern festival china


If you have seen Disney’s Tangled, you probably already know why this should be your place. If not, read on. The yearly lantern festival that happens somewhere between February to March in the Gregorian calendar, is the Chinese equivalent of Valentine ’s Day.  Lanterns are let up in the air and the entire city is lit up. Houses, streets, shops everything turns romantic, decorated with light.

 The spot- Go into the Garden of World Flowers equipped with two sky lanterns to be released as a symbol of your love.

4)  The Bosphorous  Bridge in Turkey

Bosphorus_Bridge- turkey


Connecting the culture of Asia to the beauty of Europe, the Bosphorous Bridge can be quite the heart to the romantic soul of Istanbul. Standing at the confluence of two continents you are bound to strike a right balance of quirky and romantic. You can even try for a cruise along the strait and pop the question on board.

Your Spot- You have an interesting choice, either you stay in Europe of stay in Asia. Both sides make for an interesting spot by the harbour.

5)  Sunset Cruise In Bora Bora

bora bora sunset cruise


As if sunsets weren’t romantic enough, you get to now enjoy them in a luxury cruise in the crystal and serene waters of Bora Bora. This one is dedicated to those who would go an extra mile for the ones they love. So, pamper them with luxury and as you stand on the deck watching the sun go down, grab the opportunity.

You spot- By the horizon, on the deck. Private luxury cruises aren’t very hard to find.

6)  In A South African Jungle



Go a bit wild maybe? If you are not a cheesy romantic, but rather a risk-taker or an adventurist, here is your chance. Getting down on our knee in the dark forests, full of ferocious animals can be both daring and thrilling. Not to mention it will make for a wacky story one day.

Your spot- Head out for a private safari in the Kruger National Park and ask the question right after you have spotted the Big 5.

7)   The Vineyards Of France

vineyard of france


The panoramic landscape of lush green fields. A serene solitude. And, the best of French wine as your wing man. You seem all equipped for a photogenic and colourful place to propose. Enchant them with a wine tasting experience and just as they are falling in love with the scenery, add a ring to it.

 Your spot- Bordeaux vineyard are a great option, with accommodation options and wine that is famous all over the world. Alternatively, you could also choose Champagne.

8)  The Glaciers Of Patagonia, Argentina

glaciers of patagonia


This is a special moment that a few people like to keep private. The pristine glaciers that border Argentina and Chile is the closest you will come to getting away from the crowd into a faraway land of your own. These massive ice fields made up of ruptures and caves will forever freeze this moment in your memory.

Your spot- The Perito Moreno Glacier is the most easily accessible. Every four to five years, it shows a spectacular rupture and an outburst of water into the lake.


9)  Backwaters Of Kerala , India

backwaters of kerala


So, if not the Taj Mahal then where? The serene backwaters of Kerala are your saviour. A beautiful house boat floating over the blue lagoons lined with palm trees, all the romance you will need in the world, already exists here.

 Your spot- The Vambanad Kayal is the largest of the lagoons and a lot of traditional houseboats can be easily hired.

10)   At The Temples Of Bali

temples of bali


It is not an easy question. And, should you need a divine intervention; the temples of Bali can be quite the location. With its ancient charm, majestic architecture and a spiritual ambiance, it can be a great combination of tradition and romance.

 Your Spot- The Pura Besakih is the holiest and more like the head of all the temples in Bali. The complex is huge with 23 smaller temples, so you have many options.

Make most of these best places to propose and hope this memory will be everlasting.


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