10 Pictures that Prove that India is the Next Big Adventure Destination

One of the most bizarre and awesome contradictions of human evolution is that we continue to create and indulge in increasingly fatal ways to amuse ourselves. Our gene pool has seemingly neglected the repercussions of the lifestyle choices of adventure nuts. A lot of you, you know who you are, would voluntarily hike for miles to peek inside a bubbling volcano and deliberately pedal down a mountain route, explicitly named the ‘Death Road’.

If you wander our crazy, beautiful planet in search for your next daredevil do, then India may surprise you with its catalogue of destinations. Tripoto brings you 10 reasons why India is a grossly underrated adventure destination.

1. New Zealand is a fantasy for a host of outdoor fun. Here’s a picture of an overjoyed skydiver in Kaikoura, minutes from touchdown.

And here’s another, equally hormonal lad in Aamby Valley near Mumbai, in the midst of a free-fall


1410116788Skydiving_-_At_Aamby_Valley_(Maharashtra) Image Credits: Adventureclicknblog

2. Treh in France is a famed paragliding destination. Adventure-seekers worldwide flock to Treh for the thrill of gliding over the rolling green hills.

…and this is how it’s done in Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh

3. Bali’s mesmerizing marine life attracts all levels of diving enthusiasts

and so does the stunning underwater heritage of Andaman Islands

4. Aspen, Colorado is renowned for its world-class slopes and multitude of terrains for powdery gallivanting.

…and this is a picture from the snow covered slopes of Auli in India -

5. Wanna race on extremely bumpy, unsafe roads, in extremely bumpy, unsafe vehicles?

Take the Rickshaw challenge in South India.

6. The mysterious Deer Caves of Borneo, Malaysia are featured in the guides for the best caving sites in the world

Meanwhile, here’s a peek into the Siju caves of Meghalaya

7.  The Colorado river snakes through the Grand Canyon,  carrying hoards of rafts and canoes on one of the most iconic river routes in the world.

And here’s of the river Zanskar, its glacial waters carrying rafters onwards a Himalayan odyssey

9. If driving through self-made sand-clouds is your thing, then the sand-dunes of Dubai most definitely resonate with your desert spirits

Have your desert spirits met those from the shifting dunes of Rajasthan?

9. The excitement of meandering into the unknowns of the Amazon, amidst the expanse of the legendary rainforests has captivated the spirits of adventure seekers worldwide.

How about the Sunderban Delta, the home of the Bengal Tiger?

10. And lastly the ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia. Cycling down this dramatically named route is exhilarating, but many synonyms for ‘deadly’ come to mind when describing the cliff faces, the blind curves and the vertical drops. Mortiferous?

Now, look at this picture from Ladakh. Mortiferous enough?

Are you ready for the Great Indian Adventure?


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    1. That’s the reason I have not applied for a passport, I want to see my India, I don’t think I shall be able to finish the whole country, even when I am travelling for 10-15 days per 6 months. I have yet to explore the Central, Eastern, N.E., etc.

  1. Really I wish to be in India soon
    I love everything in this country just from the photos and when I read about it

  2. Truly a beautiful comparison ! India has it all and in good International comparative budgeting. From the Mountains to the plains and from the cities to Jungles and forests. From the Beaches Oceans and Seas to lovely lakes and Rivers . Keep discovering in leisure or Adventure. Not to mention the Pilgrimage spots,cities and towns ! Some may not understand,relate and enjoy. But its mostly worth every breath and breadth of this majestic country.

  3. Excellent photographs. India offers the most exciting, lively, diverse and fascinating experiences to the travelers

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