10 Reasons to Travel Before You Get Married

For a lot of us late 80′s millenials, this is a time of our lives which will be remembered for endless engagement announcements and related facebook news. Before you join the caravan going the nuptial route,  have you been travelling yet?

At Tripoto, we unanimously believe that travel is an absolute  must-do pre-marriage rite of passage. Here’s 10 Reasons to travel before you get married

1. You might find a better partner.

2. It’ll expose what doesn’t come forth in the comfortable routines of your normal life. Learn to deal with it before you expect someone else to.

3. If you pass out drunk, you’ll have just one headache to deal with the next morning. Or not.
4. It will be the ultimate test of your relationship. You could return to a partner worth marrying or none at all. It’ll be worth it anyway. Trust us!
5. You will learn a little something about yourself, or may be about your relationship. You will emerge changed and may be your travels will make your love grow stronger. Or it could go another way
6. You could drunk text an ex without worrying about waking up to a divorce! That doesn’t mean you should! Or should you?
7. You will discover gorgeous places, that you’d want to re-visit with your current or future partner. Honeymoon packages are for noobs. Don’t be a noob.
8. You’ll end up travelling with an absurd bunch of people while on the road. And you won’t really like most of them. Essential pre-marriage initiation to dealing with the “in-laws.”

9. You’ll learn to resist temptation. You’ll meet a lot of interesting people . You’ll be intrigued and excited by their lives. You’ll be tempted to do stuff. If you have someone waiting for you back home, you’ll resist. If you can’t, then, well yeah. Shit happens!

10. Because you are young and these are your best years. Marriage is a big milestone, but make sure you’ve gathered up few miles on the road before you get there.


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One thought on “10 Reasons to Travel Before You Get Married

  1. “Because you are young and these are your best years. ” If you’re young, how can you possibly know if these are your best years? Having been young, middle-aged and probably what you would consider “old”, I think these are my best years. I’ve been there and done that—-traveled, earned a law degree, had a career, married (twice), had children and launched them. Now my husband (of 32 years) and I have the time and money to travel—-and we’re having a good old time.

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