10 Tantalizing Places Your Bucket List Would Crave For

What is the best way to travel? Follow a bucket list!

What is the worst thing about following a bucket list? It is not yours!

Damn right!

Most of us make our travel bucket lists, but are they truly ours? Are you sure you haven’t stolen a few places out of your friends’ albums? No, we aren’t saying there is anything wrong with that. We just hope you wouldn’t visit that beach and try to re-live your friends’ stories.

Wait. Were you actually planning to do that?

Well, now you won’t. Hop on the list we just compiled for you to explore the less-explored-but-truly-ravishing places of the world and swirl some outstanding tales of your own.

10 Tantalizing Places Your Bucket List Would Crave For If It Knew They Existed

Natural wonders very few take account of

#1 Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming (USA)

World’s most beautiful and America’s largest hot spring

What you didn’t know: The intense color is a gift from bacteria and microbial mats growing nearby the spring

What you should do here: Photography, get chatty with the science nerds and explorers

And what you shouldn’t: Skinny dipping, unless you hate having skin on your body (damn right it’s a hot spring, but with 160°F of hotness. Change of mind, eh?!)

#2 Fly Geyser, Nevada (USA)

Small but weird geothermal geyser spitting water 5 ft. high

What you didn’t know: Perfect example of nature taking over human intelligence (It was actually a man-made well)

What you should do here: Act like a pro photographer, ‘coz no matter how much you or your cameras suck, the pictures never do

And what you shouldn’t: Hit the road out of the blue (planning in advance is highly recommended)

Humans do not disappoint you either

#3 Rain room, London (UK)

A massive art installation with artificial rain

What you didn’t know: It doesn’t rain where you stand (cool, isn’t it?!)

What you should do here: Take your life partner and enact “kissing in the rain” without getting drenched, click the best rain silhouettes

And what you shouldn’t: Arrive late and that too without prior bookings

#4 Tentsile Eco Village, Fiji

A love nest – a tree house, a hammock, and a tent – all rolled into one

What you didn’t know: The love nest is available online at Tentsile.com, so you can take one anywhere

What you should do here: Sleep, eat, chat, enjoy sunsets and sunrise, relax, or feel like a weaver bird

And what you shouldn’t: Spoil the serenity of the paradise

Engage with the surreal like never before

#5 Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

World’s largest salt flat with one-of-a-kind optical illusions

What you didn’t know: NASA uses the flat expanse of Salar de Uyuni to calibrate its satellites

What you should do here: Chase pink flamingos, and click pictures with forced perspective

And what you shouldn’t: Go yippy-yappy without sunscreen and go back sunburned

#6 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Famous Ice hotel, an annual art and design project–cum-lodge

What you didn’t know: It is a handcrafted ice museum which slowly melts back into the river Torne

What you should do here: Watch Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) inside, then head out to see the real thing

And what you shouldn’t: Commit the sin of booking late and missing your reindeer suite

Steal a frame from the movies

#7 Rangali Beach, Maldives

A place where stars descend to the earth

What you didn’t know: It is the bio-luminescent phytoplankton that glow when under stress

What you should do here: Create your very own Avatar effect or swim in the bejeweled dark waters

And what you shouldn’t: Visit the place beyond July to February or on a Full moon

#8 Lower Keys Music Festival, Florida Keys (USA)

Reef preservation festival that happens underwater

What you didn’t know: The music is broadcasted all over the town through radios

What you should do here: Join the choir dressed up as the Little mermaid or Captain Davy Jones

And what you shouldn’t: Sit outside the water and miss the real fun

Swap normal with crazy

#9 Holi Festival, Mathura (India)

Incredibly fun 16-day religious festival of colors

What you didn’t know: The not-to miss day of festival is the day after full moon in March

What you should do here: Guzzle up on bhaang and dance like crazy

And what you shouldn’t: Dance with nuisance strangers and get yourself robbed

#10 Heli Bungee, New Zealand

Bungee jumping from a moving helicopter

What you didn’t know: You need to sign a declaration and are solely at your own risk

What you should do here: Yell !! And make terrific selfie videos

And what you shouldn’t: Forget to get a fresh health check-up beforehand

They say, “Every year, travel to a place you have never been before.”

So, where are you going this year?

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