11 Reasons Why You Should Stay at a Stranger’s Place

Travel is as much about meeting people as it is about seeing places. Why isolate yourself within insular, purpose-built walls of a hotel?

There’s nothing strange about staying in a stranger’s home. There’s a world outside the walls of resorts and related tourist-traps and it’s brimming with the culture you’ve traveled so far to experience. Tripoto brings you 11 reasons why you should give home-stays a chance.

1. Because you are tired of staying in hotels, waiting at reception desks and walking into drab, boring rooms.

2. Because Marco Polo never checked-in nowhere! Strangers were his abode.

3. Because the best way to learn about a city and its true culture is living with a local

4. Because the best hotel deals won’t come close to the joy of living-room conversations that grow into friendships, memories, stories. Isn’t that why we travel?

5. Because you’ll be part of a sharing movement that is bringing the world closer. One home at a time.

6. Because you could end up staying here.


7. Because you deserve more than valet-parking and awkward room-service.

8. Because checking-in to a lighthouse is a story worth sharing in itself. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a frickin’ lighthouse!

9. Because it is cheaper, and better. Admit it, that doesn’t happen very often in life.

10. Because there are no strangers. You’ll realize soon enough.


11. Because we are giving you a chance to discover this on your own. Here’s $25 from Tripoto on Airbnb. Use our cash and rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190 countries. Find the perfect home-stay for your next getaway and discover the hospitality of strangers.

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  1. Cool one!! Thanks a ton.. ooops.. No more stranger and formalities!! good luck.. worth a read and practice too especially for Hotel-sick men like me!! :)

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