10 Ridiculously Cool Places To Stay In

Homestays are the new way to travel. For the uninitiated i.e. the noobs, homestays are basically a new style of accommodation and can be cool places to stay, where people let out a room or their entire apartment to those travelling to their side of the world.  If you go to Airbnb (World’s largest Home-stay rental website) and go through their properties, they’ll more than surprise you. Homestays aren’t just about finding a bed to crash in, but also finding the most unique ways of putting up in a place. Of seeing a new city or country, from right in the middle, rather than the distant balconies high up from a hotel.

Be it the location, the place or the fact that they just scream “unique”, here are a few properties that take the idea of homestays to a whole new level.

1. Alone On Your Own Fiji Island – Nanaku Levu, Fiji

Yeah you can rent an entire island, all for yourself. Don’t worry there is an amazing little cottage to stay in. I guess solitude is actually a cool place you can go to now!

2. Modern Apartment - Akureyri, North East Iceland

This place just gives me the chills (pun intended), but in a good, I-can’t-believe-I-could-stay-here way! All I an think of is waking in the morning, stepping out for a breath of fresh chilly air, just to rush back in to sit with a hot cup of coffee. Definitely one of the cool places to stay.

3. St. Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite – Greater London, United Kingdom

A room of one’s own, atop a clock tower. Part of the St. Pancras Station building, built in the 1860s, its age is visible in the delightful wood and brick interiors of the apartment. And it has a library too. Now, if I just had all the time in the world.

4. Houseboat/Péniche Under the Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

A houseboat on one of River Seine’s most picturesque piers – Port de Suffren, with beautiful views of the city, the Eiffel Tower from the banks. Could there be a better way to enjoy la vie parisienne?

5. An Ancient British Castle - South Stainmore, Kirkby Stephen, United Kingdom

In the introduction, the place is described as “built in 1841 as a Victorian gentlemen’s folly”, it really doesn’t get more British than that! But apart from its genesis, this cool place is downright lovely, and sure to leave you gobsmacked!

6. The Boot – Fairytale Accomodation - Tasman, New Zealand

They called it just right, this place has inarguably hopped, skipped and jumped its way from a fairytale. And if memory serves, I believe this one was most likely written by Enid Blyton.

7. Sleeping Barrel - Ostbevern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Going to Germany always involves varying plans which invariably include some version of emptying barrels. Book this place, and you can sleep in one . Before you ask where did they put the precious stuff from inside, let me tell you they have a bar too.

8. Luxury 16th Century Fenton Tower - Dirleton, United Kingdom

I know I already did a castle, but damn is this place amazing! Located in the most idyllic British countryside, and not to mention you’ll be staying in a castle all for yourself, you could finally enjoy being a gentleman of leisure for a few weeks!

9. Troglodyte House - Tours Centre, France

So we’ve had our castles, and now its time for beauty that lies away from opulence. These cave homes hewn into the rock are a part of a heritage as old as the castles themselves, and equally beautiful though a lot more charming!

10. House On The Lake - Anfo, Lombardy, Italy

An old country house made of pine wood, this place is situated on the slopes overlooking the Idro Lake. For so many of us landlocked creatures, living beside a waterbody would be a retirement plan for quite a few. Staying in one, albeit for a few days, in relative isolation, is a good way to get a taste of our dreams.

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