11 Things Travelling Will Teach You That Your Parents Might Not

Life is a journey,  inherently synonymous with travel. Parents prepare us for the first leg of this trip, and their lessons carry us to the brink of adolescence, when all of a sudden we are all on our own.  Those of us who are fortunate enough to find the courage and the inspiration to break free of the parents-job-marriage cycle, the universal triple-degree indoctrination program, discover the endless possibilities of the world of travel.

Wanderlust afflicts us because inside all of us is an empty space, and most of us are tired of filling it up with Iphones and expensive cars.  We are hungry for meaning, for reassurance that there is more to life, that this is not it. Tripoto brings you 11 things that your parents might not have taught you, but travel will

1. Growing up.
2. The importance of laundered clothes and made-up beds.
3. Projectile vomiting from a bus in Southern Vietnam.
4. Budgeting. That’s a life lesson right there.
5. The art of packing your life in a backpack.
6. Acceptance. Of the world you don’t know about. Of the fact that you aren’t as smart as the people back home make you believe you are. Of the fact that you WILL get diarrhoea, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.
7. Non-conformity. The skills to form your own opinions.
 8. Letting go. Of things, places, and people.
9. Realization that language isn’t the only way of communicating. Those ridiculously funny hand gestures and miming techniques are.
10. That you are not alone. Your soul-companions are waiting for you in places in you haven’t been to yet. And that they are all kinds of crazy, just like you.
11. That you are awesome. You are a champion go-getter, ridiculously friendly and a total adventure-magnet. Self-discovery.. where were you all this time?!

Parents are indispensable, so is travel. Take the life-lessons you’ve been taught with you on the road and watch them be tested, transformed and often destroyed. There are countless reasons to travel, but the outcome is always the same – growth and transformation.


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