12 Awesome Reasons Why Bangalore Has Spoilt You Forever

Sucked in by urbanisation and beautified by stunning natural surroundings, Bengaluru (Bangalore) is one of the most iconic cities in India and swears to take you by the throat raw into a world of booming technology. As much as it is a land devoted to the digital development of the nation, where the internet of things makes sense; it’s also a place that runs with magical velocity and will put every other city’s organised events to shame.

Tripoto has culled a list of reasons why Bangalore will ruin you for life. Get Bangalored for all the good reasons!
1. Bangaloreans are bouncing on two sides of the same coin, where it pushes one to aim for the progress that this city offers and bags plenty of options to chill out and unwind.

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2. Bangaloreans have good reason to party.

After all, it’s the pub capital of India and has a couple of microbreweries with excellent craft beer. If microbreweries don’t tickle your fancy, there’re so many pubs with imported beers – German and Belgian to begin with. Spoilt for choice!

3. Despite all the chilled out awesomeness of Bangalore, you might want a weekend getaway.They are quick and a complete cut off for the tech-savvy mavericks.


”5 Best Weekend Getaways From Bangalore”  

4. Because greenery isn’t just on the roads

– A visit to the Cubbon park is the perfect example of how a city can still coexist with nature.


5. Because you can set your platter on a budget in Bangalore and it’s going to be healthy, sinful and decadent.

From all the different south Indian cuisines to world cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And it all tastes authentic – really.


6. Because Bangalore is known for the burgeoning field of art and art galleries like Mahua, GallerySkye and more.

There are a handful of art galleries that don’t only look for the established big names – even the younger artists who’re starting out can get lucky at some of these places.


7. Because Bangaloreans know how to get things done.

You’ll fall in love with the many gorgeously witty painted walls, you wouldn’t be surprised if an Indian Banksy turns out to have started out in the streets in Bangalore – they started this to discourage people from peeing on the walls.


8. You don’t need to queue in front of a wine shop that looks like a cage to get your booze. There are supermarkets that sell whatever you need and wine shops don’t make you feel like you’re buying heroin.
9. Bangalore is situated even above Dehradun. This explains its most brilliant weather of any metro city in India.


10. Because even if you don’t know Kannada, you can get by in most of Bangalore because most people can converse in English.

You can argue with the auto wallahs in English.


11.  Because all that partying and culture might sound very highbrow, but Bangaloreans are chilled out about all of that.

It’s also one of the best cities as far as lack of bigotry is concerned – everybody is welcome.


12. Because there’s only one Silicon Valley in India.

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Inhale the freedom, responsibly. If you think we have missed anything, then drop us your comments below and Share your Bangalore travel stories on Tripoto.

63 thoughts on “12 Awesome Reasons Why Bangalore Has Spoilt You Forever

  1. bangalore is going to the dogs… Another 10 years and the city infrastructure will burst. One of the most pathetic cities to live in , in India…

    1. And where might I ask your from Sadat ali khan!!!!???go back to where you came from!!!no place for negative people like you in such a positive city,

      1. Having lived in Bangalore forthe pas 62 years, I have no other place to go and I hate the present Bangalore and its psudo culture.

    2. mr khan ppl lik u dont find any good things like this in ur cities and feel jealous about our city…stop complaining nd getbck to werever u come from…loser

    3. Mr Ali you are one of those jealous people who will always complain about other places because your own city does not even come close to it. Let me tell you this why don’t you go fuck yourself and go back wherever you came from you shitfaced douchebag.

    4. Ali, Your talking through your ass. It sounds like your someone from the North who is absolutely narrow minded and full of shit. The only thing that is ruining Bangalore are the number of North Indians moving here. They are arrogant, create a mess everywhere, think they know everything and have absolutely no respect for people. I am really happy to see the response of all the other people who posted here. We, the people of Bengaluru respect and love our city and will not tolerate anyone who talks trash.

      1. Hi Prathik,
        I at this forum is speaking just as an Indian not like a North Indian or south Indian. I do agree that Mr Khan should not speak about any city like that but I also want to comment on you that you are no better than him.Mr Khan spoke a bout the city in general and nothing about south Indians… look at your statements you have categorized all North Indians as “They are arrogant, create a mess everywhere, think they know everything and have absolutely no respect for people”. have you met all North Indians???? Its a shame that educated people like you still have the distinction between being a north indian and south indian.. Guys grow up… this is 2014.. and soon getting into 2015. Till when we will argue about being a southy or a Northy??

        1. Hi “AnIndian”….no point writting to people like PRATHIK. They should belon to 1930′s…….There are only two kind of people on the whole planet, gud people n bad people. With the kind of statements, we know which category Prathik belongs to……! Bangalore is in India and belongs to all, no once has the right to stop anyone….anyone. Every culture, race, breed has its own merit and demerit, we should adapt the gud brownie points n drop the bad thoughts (Like that of this sick guy Prathik).

          I’m an Indian and have been in Bangalore from past 8 years and believe that it is one of the best city to live in India and as far as infra burst is concerned, almost all major Indian cities face the similar problem.

          I wish people like Prathik do not exist in Bangalore and then Bangalore is the best place on the planet!

          JAI HIND!!

        2. Bangalore is going to the dogs exactly because of intolerant Mofos like you. Take the shithole that you call a city and shove it up the orifice of your choice.

      2. Hello there , so you seem to enjoy at your bubble of world .categorisation of north and south is pathetic by your side . FYI MOST OF THE NORTH POPULATION IS IN IT”Companies which not only contribute to the city economically but also socially .I am from north and proud of that and I love bangalore and south places .its fuck like you think superior than everyone else ..so hello you shud be kicked in your stinking butt and throw away from this country . Better you watch Your mouth next time you speak like this bcz it look like the state of mentality you have .

      3. hey buddy , dont be so disrespectful. It is because of this variety in the Bangalorean culture that you are seeing this article. If there were no north Indians or any other culture ‘s people here, the place would have lost its uniqueness. There’s no need to generalise the outlook and culture of North Indians just because you found some assholes from the north.
        With Regards,
        A North Indian and a lover of Bangalorean culture

    5. This scholar has done a forecast for 10 years ( The infrastructure will burst!! like one of the bombs his home town prepares XD)!! He should right away get a job in planning commission…

    6. Sadat jis thali mein khate ho wahi ched karte ho…… Haters of namma bengaluru are just can’t express in words……

    7. Then get the hell out of here, go back to the place where you came from and get your skin boiled roasted or toasted

    8. Well Ali, not the most pathetic city of all but definitely the one with the lousiest infrastructure. But thats the part and parcel of Bangalore. My evaluation would be:

      (i) Climate – Best
      (ii) People – Best
      (iii) Job – Best
      (iv) Transport – Avg
      (v) Roads – Worst
      (vi) Water – Avg

      “har kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta.. kisi ko zameen nahin milti, kisiko aasmaan nahin milta”

    9. I accept your expression..

      Interstate cultures with half baked western culture influence..

      Intoxicated rude IT crowds from North India have raped the South Indian Traditional culture of Bangalore. Pollution and Traffic..

      Either I need to be in my hometown -Pollachi Coimbatore or get back to Melbourne…

      Bangalore stinks…

  2. if Ali thinks in dat way than he shud betr run away…m here since 10 yrs and I love to be here in Bangalore…most loved city in India.

  3. Mr.Khan, you are right, we have a burgeoning population, we have gone from 4million to 10 million in ten years (40 lakhs to a crore).. Yes our traffic is pathetic! God, those fumes.. But, did you ever pause to talk to us, the real bangaloreans, those who have either been born here or embraced it when they came here for studying, working, or just to visit the coolest city in India.. 50% of India’s tech revenue is from bangalore, not to mention lakhs of jobs in IT.. Not just for bangaloreans, but for all Indians, including yourself.. We are the fastest growing city in India and amongst the fastest in the World.. Every city has its issues, we have people like you.. But worry not, I think you are grumpy because you could not eat Empire chicken last night .. Why dont you try to start your day with some jogging in Lalbagh and then grab some hot idlis for breakfast at MTR, followed by coffee at CCD in koramangla, Kulchas for lunch at Tandoor MG Road, pani poori for evening snacks at Khao Galli, Italian for dinner at Toscano and then come on over to corner house on residency road for some Hot Chocolate Fudge :).
    In this whole exercise, you will meet the lovely people of bangalore who are always smiling and embrace people of all kinds and all parts of India and the world.. That should help you get rid of your grumpiness and put a smile on your face.. You deserve it my friend and you need it when you take your friend for the next international music act in palace ground in the largest lung space in any major indian city.. I wish you all the best in this journey, and well if you find it too bumpy, guess its time you moved on!!

    1. “start your day with some jogging in Lalbagh and then grab some hot idlis for breakfast at MTR, followed by coffee at CCD in koramangla, Kulchas for lunch at Tandoor MG Road, pani poori for evening snacks at Khao Galli, Italian for dinner at Toscano and then come on over to corner house on residency road for some Hot Chocolate Fudge :)” I think we should give this idea to the director of Spiderman in his next movie :) :) xoxo

    2. Amazing bro .. I can say that you are a true bangalorean. I am here in bangalore from past 25 years n not only the weather here is cool but also the people who stay here. Love to be a bangalorean.

    3. Hi Mobelix,
      I appreciate the good things placed in parts of our city, but what about the traffic issue thats spoiling all the fun ? Its no more ignorable, crossed the limits long ago.

      Keen to see your response…

      1. I have been to every major city of India, even though traffic bottlenecks are visible in every 500 Mtrs, but still bangalore remains the best in terms of traffic discipline. Ppl in other major city, they don’t even care except some exceptions, if you argue with violators, you Vl be threatened. I have bitter experience of that. Whatever be the situation, bangalore remains there best. I love this city and most part of world recognises bangaloreaan are highly intellectual. Wat else is needed.

  4. I love Bangalore! I am staying here since last 7 years and frankly I feel more at home than at my hometown…:-) Having said that, the challenge for all of us who love Bangalore is to keep our city beautiful even in future. Further, the government should anticipate well the growth that the city will witness and prepare the infrastructure accordingly. Bangalore could take a lead in setting an example for other Indian cities in terms of well planned and efficient infrastructure.

  5. Totally get the booze shop part, the government in Tamil Nadu is a gunda who sells booze on it’s own. Caged shops totally relate to that!

    1. Not just TN.. Delhi is in no way far behind that.. Its pretty much the same here.. I guess its because of the sloppy crowd here!

  6. Bangalore is the only city in the entire country where people are fighting to live in! Heaven must be boring because Bangalore is where paradise is! Anyone disagreeing must either be jealous or just plain retarded. Yes in talking to you Sadat Ali Khan. Get a life kiddo

  7. Most awesome city i have seen ..i have been to other metro cites of India but Bangalore is different …most important here you wont find language barrier…most of taxi wala and auto wala know Hindi and English… I have started my career in Bangalore and inshallah i ll settle-down in Bangalore…Thumps up for Bangalore…Most loved metro City of India ..
    Jai Hind !!!

  8. Mr Ali you are one of those jealous people who will always complain about other places because your own city does not even come close to it. Let me tell you this why don’t you go **** yourself and go back wherever you came from you shitfaced douchebag.

  9. I support Mr Ali. Bangalore sucks. Totally pathetic place to live in. No infrastructure, water or electricity. Just google all u self proclaimed Bangalore lovers ul know that Bangalore will be evacuated by 2023 due to no water. Peace!

  10. I love Bangalore… I came here for work, and I am settled here… It has its issues like the rest of the world cities but its a wonderful city for all the places, for its cosmopolitan culture, for its people… I am trying to learn Kannada and i love the city…

  11. Ever since bjp govt was ousted and congress govt came in Karnataka, they have increased pub deadline in Bangalore from 11pm to 1am on weekends. That was very helpful in giving city a good image, advantage of voting for liberals over conservatives.

  12. (to all the comment-ors)
    Whoa, I did NOT feel the writer of this post was being negative at all. You gotta call a spade a spade :-/
    I’ve been working and living in Bangalore for well over a decade. I love so many many things about this place! Especially all the food options! But yeah, traffic IS terrible. The “always cold” Bangalore has been getting hotter and hotter. It’s still a nice place to be at though. So there :-)

  13. I kinda disagree with the point that north indians are spoiling bangalore. I am a north indian but have spent around 13 years in the city now. The city itself is amazing. No person can spoil it for you. Bangalore crowd is may be the best i have seen so far. A carefree place to live in :)

  14. Bangalore is the las vegas of India, Well, sorry.. its in itself an identity.. and thats BANGALORE!!! If u want a laid back life yet in a fast moving city, then its bangalore for u. if u wanna dance to ur fullest yet need to sober down a bit.. its bangalore for u.. If wanna party and make merry.. yes its banglaore.. if u wanna cherish and live your dream.. its definately Bangalore… “Bang bang bangalore…. ” Plz lets bang all those buggers who bullshit about bangalore…

  15. Well I belong to Bengaluru ever since I took my first breath. And I have also lived in 2 different cities but I always come running back, not coz its my hometown but coz its Bengaluru! I don’t need more reason than just that! A place where every season feels just the way it should, every festival be it Hindu, Muslim or Christian is celebrated with the same enthusiasm, where you get any kind of cuisine N I mean ANY! Where people go out of their way to help. Where people don’t stare at you just coz u look “firangi” or coz you dress differently, where walls on roads are beautifully painted, where you can get by with any language coz you always find someone who knows the same basha! I can write a book abt namma ooru but I ll stop here….:) :) love you Bengaluru!

  16. hi,

    Bangalore is heart of India, because all kind of people will like this place.
    all kind of people are living here.

  17. Its like robot living in Banglore…..nothing much human stuff exist…its soo mechanical living….thats why people escaping to nearby places and hometowns in weekends. People should not blindly agree to everything only because they are living in blr :-) Of-course blr is better than any other city for its peacefulness and weather.

  18. Banglore is such a wonderfull place. But I dont think that Mr. Ali is a selfish. I donno he is from north, south, east or west whateva. But I think he is sum1 who is totally pissed of the bangalore traffic.
    I guess, bangalore a paradise. And we the people are responsible for spoling the paradise . And I totally agree to the point that, Bangalores biggest drawback is the people who dont even bother to follow the basic traffic rules. And I am one among you all, who is spending half of the day wasted in traffic.
    And the worst part is, if i am late I’ll just be late to reach office or home or where eva. But I feel really bad, when people, yes, we the so called educated ones are not giving way even to the ambulance. And I am sorry to say that I cant see anything good in that. And I cant call it a paradise unless we start following some basic dicipline…
    Yes once it was a paradise. but who spoiled it??? Yes of course, its easy to blame the government rather than looking into the mirror and to see yourself….

  19. U Missed one thing … Bangalore is the Carrier Builder for all the People in India. It is the only Place where U can find the People from all the States in India. I Love Bangalore

  20. A city that is chilled and free of bigotry (point no 11) will not respond in such a vulgar and violent manner to one negative comment. Why so insecure? Do come to Mumbai when you want to recharge your chill quotient.

  21. i’m a kannadiga n frm blore since birth, its one of the most beautiful city in india n guys just f**k those ppl saying abt north indians
    north indians infact every indian has equal rights as much as i have (i’m no one to talk abt this or to certify other ppl but i’m trying to make a point to those ppl who think northies spoiled b’lore)
    blore is an example of globalization

  22. Bangalore is a wonderful city I have ever seen and this is the best place to live. The positives are more than the negatives.
    I am in Bangalore from last couple of years and decided to continue my career here itself.

  23. Why don’t you all get back from where you came? Then the real Bangalore will emerge. Idiots you have ruined my beautiful city

  24. The above article is highly exaggerated. Bangalore is way too crowded these days and infrastructure in really poor. Roads are too narrow and are of very low quality. I have been to Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, and other big cities but no where I have seen roads that are so narrow and that are of such inferior quality. There is no paucity of restaurants but most of them are commercialized and hardly serve any authentic food. You will find plenty of restaurants which claims to be North-Indian, South-Indian, Continental, Mexican and etc. But I am yet to taste anything authentic and they are way to pricey.

    I was most surprised by the taste of the Sambhar and Idly. Sambhar is really sweet compared to be what is found in Andhra and TN, and Idly is prepared way too soft and is tasteless. If you ever go to places like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Indore etc, you will find food which is really authentic. North Indian food in Bangalore tastes same everywhere. Paneer Butter Masala tastes same most often than not everywhere and they use same gravy for almost all the North Indian curries and you find will hardly find a place to get authentic Phulkas.

    The thing is when it comes to food you will find everything from street food to high end restaurants but they lack the quality, taste, and authenticity which I have found in other cities. As far as food is concerned it has acquired copy-cat culture, where it imports everything from North to South to Western and street food but lacks the authentic taste and quality.

    Now comes the weather, well many people like the weather because of it’s moderate nature but it is really unhealthy. I have met many people who constantly suffer from cold, cough, and constipation which is due to lack of sunshine and overcast skies throughout the year. The healthy weather needs all the four seasons. Here you will find only one which is neither hot nor cold – a mix of two with unpredictable rain, which is indeed pleasant but not healthy. I agree in North you get extreme levels of summers and winters but you will not constantly suffer from the above ailments and
    you will miss the winters most if you are raised in North.

    I am not going to mention about traffic, as everybody knows it sucks more than anything else.

    As far as local people are concerned, I have found them OK and they will not interfere in your personal space and at times they have been helpful. And they have tolerance towards Hindi and are particularly not hostile except few auto drivers and bus conductors or if you are engaged in a road rage.

    You may like the city for first 2-3 years but then you start getting bored with the same weather all the time with limited options to hangout – only MG ROAD, Brigade Road and few malls here and there. There are a lot of pubs too but if you don’t drink frequently or who believes in going for a long drive or going for night outs in night then you will certainly not enjoy.

    Bangalore is not a bad city it is indeed worth living(depending on an individual) but it is unnecessarily hyped as if it is the best in everything in weather, food, and culture, etc whereas it is just an average city with nothing so special.

  25. I do agree with the very simple comment that Bangalore is spoiled by the North Indians. It is high time to kick them out from the city. Otherwise, the already deteriorated South Indian culture will go to dogs.

    Why don’t the government come up with a rule that in any given company 50% of the job must be reserved to Kannadigas? so that we can save our culture.

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