12 Reasons Why Mumbai Has Spoilt You Forever

A city may love you or destroy you. Nurture or torture you. It might teach you, ask you and ignore you. There are some cities that you just can’t shake off, which become a part of your identity, for life . One of those cities is Mumbai!

Mumbai (via)

Mumbai (via)

For all those who carry Mumbai in their hearts and to even more people who wonder what about Mumbai steals these hearts, here’s Tripoto’s effort to sum up everything special about living in Mumbai.

1. We breathe the fresh sea-air everyday

Marine Drive, Mumbai (via)

Marine Drive, Mumbai (via)

2. We love to travel

Mumbaikaars are blessed with the most rewarding getaways. From secret beaches to green mountains. Goa is a road trip away.  We love getting away, as much as we love returning to our beloved city.

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3.We swear by one of India’s most reliable public transportation

Mumbai Local Train (via)

Mumbai Local Train (via)

This big, populous city is one of the most easy to find your way through- by the way. The trains are a jam-packed blessing and the cab, autos and their drivers are one helpful and reliable lot.

4. Bollywood!

The Bollywood Art Project at Chapel Road

Bollywood Mural at Chapel Road (via)

The city screams Bollywood, and why not! It’s the cradle of Indian cinema and it remains the most devoted fan! Films are conceptualized the lanes of Mumbai and they reach out to the world from here.

5. We thrive on the world’s best Vada Pav

Mumbai Street Food (via)

Mumbai Street Food (via)

You will start to worship street food here. While Vada Pav is the king, Mumbai has specialised in its own version of pani puri, chaats, bhaji pav and steaming dosa right at your corner!

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6. We know how to celebrate

Ganesh Chaturthi (via)

Ganesh Chaturthi (via)

Like a mother who loves all her children, Mumbai  welcomes all communities with wide, wide arms. That is why the streets here are never dull. There’s always something to celebrate in Mumbai. From Ganesh Chaturthi to Eid gatherings, Christmas processions and the hundreds of community rituals, walks, rallies.

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7. We come alive at night

The night life in Mumbai is brilliant; from quiet bars, classy lounges and lively local pubs – you have it all and more! And if you are the one stepping out after a party at midnight, be assured to find a friendly auto-rickshaw.

8. We are the fashion-capital of India

From haute couture to a last minute easy-on-the- pocket outfit. From loaded, colorful stalls lined up on the pavements to the big brands in the posh malls…Mumbai has made some space for it all! Fashion loves Mumbai as much as the city loves its style!

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9. We dare to dream

I think when they say ‘no dream is small’, they have Mumbai on their minds. This melting pot of uncanny dreams, this hub of opportunities believes in giving everyone a chance. Mumbai lets you chase your dreams and if you don’t give up, the city doesn’t give up on you!

10. We are never afraid

The ladies will love Mumbai because they won’t have to look behind their backs every 5 minutes. They aren’t  too many cities where I can hop into a cab at 1 am without thinking twice!

11. We’ve stood the test of time

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (via)

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (via)

Mumbai has a history which it’s so proud of that one can still live through a lot of it! South Bombay is freckled by stunning architecture from the British era. The cobbled, wide roads, the Gateway of India and the sculptures at crossroads transport you to a different time.

12. We dare you to match our pace


Worli Sea Link (via)

The city moves on a pace of its own. Ultra fast. You will take a little while but once you get into it, there will be no Monday which starts faster than in Mumbai!

Mumbai always has something for you even on your worst day! It welcomes everyone, everything with a warm heart, sometimes even the uninvited rains! After living here, you’ll be able to take on any city confidently.


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  1. Very well summed up for Mumbai, I have always believed if someone has the desire to earn money, Mumbai will never disappoint you and if you cann’t earn here, you wont be able earn anywhere in India.

  2. Train and Rain! Don’t you think that both have related to each other. Mumbai is always in the news during Monsoon for the rainfall and how it’s affect to people, place and so on. I would expect that this type of thing should be highlighted.

  3. Mumbai is wonderful city whenever I went there i feel more energized n confident people of Mumbai on road are more disciplined n mannered than any other city in india

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