14 Reasons Why Kolkata Will Spoil You Forever

by Sagnik Basu

“Oh dada!! Ektu shorun.”

Every morning in the city of joy, Kolkata, sets all its dwellers on a frenzy ride, including the sweaty and angry aunties huffing over their shoulders. With all its exquisite charm and  mouth watering food, Kolkata does its best to spoil you.

Besides making the remaining fish population skip a beat, Kolkata pampers her children every day and never does she spare a single tourist. From lazy afternoons to those crazy Durga puja nights, it appeases your cultural cravings and hosts a daily carnival for the ones with a sweet tooth. Tripoto has gathered a few reasons why this city can claim to be the happiest of them all.

Collage Kolkata spoils

1: Because during Durga Puja the city transforms into an open buffet. The streets turn into ramps as the Bengali calendar undergoes 4-day Christmas extravaganza.

2: Because even Bebo stops counting calories when she holds a ‘puchka’, Mishti Doi and Roshogolla. It sure beats the hell out of cheesecakes.

3:  Because Kolkata has always been the football capital of India.

4: Because the South City Mall doesn’t throw you out for hanging out, even those without a wallet.

5: Because. ILISH MAACH.

6: Because from Dan Brown to second hand R.D. Sharma, it all comes down to College Street.


7: Because the college crowd of the city has been passing on the torch of an open band culture.

8: Because MRP is for nerds; haggle your way to great deals on the sidewalks of Gariahat.

9: Because Jadavpur University is where all the spice and fire is.

10: Because couples are found to be the most enthusiastic when it comes to Victoria Memorial.

11: Because of the Coffee House nostalgia.

12: Because trams give that vintage touch to streets.

13: Because. Rabindranath Tagore.

14: Because spending a Christmas night at Park Street is the best way to bid adieu to the year.


If you think we have missed out on anything, then drop us your comments below and keep sharing your travel stories on Tripoto.

68 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Kolkata Will Spoil You Forever

  1. I think Kolkata definitely has a lot more ways to spoil its visitors:
    1. Its a food lover’s paradise – I personally geel u get the best Chinese in kolkata….one must visit China town for pocket friendly authentic chinese … Suruchi/Bhojo hori manna for authentic bengali cuisine… Flurrys /Naholmes …sweet lovers shouldn’t miss Nokur’s gurer(jagerry) sandesh.
    2. There’s more to Ganges…Autram ghat n Princep Ghat…traditional boat rides gives u the yesteryears feeling
    3. One should definitely explore the handloom of West Bengal…u get extremely affordable cotton fabrics in the local handlooms which are at par with khadi and fabindia
    4. Kolkata Book Fair….different exhibitions—(paintinf,art,botany..expo,lexpo)
    5. The warmth and affection Bengalis show to their guests is amazing

    1. Kolkata is a city of warmth and joy. ..its a home coming especially wen I crave for the best food in the world:
      1.Barbeque-chinese food
      2.peter cat-chhelo Kebab
      3.golden spoon-chicken roll
      4.russell street-puchka wala
      5: nahoums bakery- new market for Lemon tarts and mini rumballs
      6:kookie jar-chocolate boat
      7: new market: dahiwada wala
      8:chinese:golden joy tangra
      looks like my mouth is watering already. …if you havent tried these out!!!! For sure a must visit to some of these famous places!!!!
      Enjoy :)

  2. Really touching points have been chosen. But fowwoing things also demand some attention.

    Boat ride in Hugli river near Howrah Bridge, Kolkata Metro Rail (remarkable & worth mentioning), the crazy fleet of yellow Ambassador Taxis (also a vintage) & the Birla Planetarium were not mentioned.

    1. Agree…experieced in my college…I wasn’t believing when I heard from my colleagues but the very next day…it was even more than Valentines Day…

  3. Nice article , Tripto. However, I would like to add more points :
    (1) The hand drawn rikshaw
    (2) Lit- fests
    (3) Book- fair ( the one which used to be held at Maidan ).
    (4) The traffic jam which carries the ethos of Kolkata.
    (5) Uttam Kumar and Tollygunj studio.
    (6) Nandan
    (7) Street foods
    thank you :)

  4. Soon I will be in my home city Kolkata, am out of the city because of my job , missing each moment of my life since my childhood,friends,food and authentic locations that creates romance and faith among each others
    Realy am missing Kolkata more than anything, on march first week I am coming Kolkata,be ready…..you are always I know that

  5. Kolkata is love ^_^ Kolkata is d cit of joy! wer ppl love 2 b happy no matter wat.. kolkata is for foodie ppl juzz like me haha :D Kolkata is fun.. people here r tensiom free.. Kolkata is fr muzic..kolkata is fr ppl who love art..Kolkata is it ^_^

    1. I agree…I m in love with this city..I dnt knw why but since childhood this city has been making me crazy….I m crazy abt it ho ho ….food… People..streets market…cultural program…everything

  6. Because it houses the earliest universities which still hold the torch to education- BE College, Shibpur, Medical College and Presidency, to name a few.

  7. Really miss u kolkata …! Want to add the missed ones:-
    Outram Scoop is a wonderful place to gossip with friends
    Academy of fine Arts
    Nu Market

  8. I believe Howrah bridge was neglected in the discussion above. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Calcutta. It definitely adds a lot to the city’s identity..

  9. Adding to above equally important & unforgettable :
    1. The Dhakuria lake or Rabindro Sarobar
    2. Dhakhinapan – dida-dadur phucka
    3. Baldev Singh ka dhaba – midnight ride with doodhcola
    4. Nalban
    5. After enjoying the rain getting drenched having hot kachoris, jalebis & a mud cup tea from the shop “Maharaja” (Binod da) lane towards Dhakuria lake (nearest bus stop Deshopriyo Park)
    6. Metro & local train travel within the city
    7. Performances at Nazrul Mancha

  10. Because saraswati puja pushpanjalis are suppose to throw on a beautiful girl standing in front of a boy because itvis the bong valentine day

  11. Kolkata being a metro city is much cheaper compared to any other metropolitian cities.
    Street food is d best.

  12. The Princep Ghat can also be added into the list along with the beautiful lighting of the 2nd hooghly bridge.
    Then comes New Market and Maidan which may be added to spike-up the nostalgia of people like me who are staying away from their city, Kolkata.

  13. Kolkata has alot to offer
    1) Arsalan Biryani in long queue waiting for your turn esp during Idd, Puja or Christmas.
    2) National Library where meeting is more important than reading
    3) Bike riding through Red Road where there is no end to roads
    4) Searching street foods like chats, Chola Batora, Momo across Simpark (New Market)
    5) Taking a boat ride across Hoogly during sunset and listening to Kishore Hits from boatman
    6) Trying Jhal Muri across all major spot in Kolkata
    7) Trying Kati Kebab in Nizams(Inventor of Kati Kebab) and Nihari in early winter morning in Sofia at Zakaria Street oppo to Nakhuda Mosque

  14. eco park in new town ,like other thing in new town gives new touch of new kolkata,i invite everyone to come to new town to fell different joy ……………….and many more…..

  15. 15. Because your girlfriend lives in this City.
    And all other 14 points are now so clear to me as I am reading this from Buenos Aires. And I can understand I will not be there at Kolkata in a year. OH GOD!!! THIS WAS A PERFECT MOOD SPOILER….

  16. Because of everything stated above, but most of all – the warmth of the people living in the city and the incomparable ADDA.

  17. Because Kolkata is know for its music and varied heritage and culture. Diversity in foods and outstanding vegetation in whole of India. Education and festivities.

  18. Because undeniably this is one of the best cities on this earth. Calcutta is coexistence, she is love, she is Dominique Lapierre’s City of Joy. And you certainly don’t need money to seek joy here. I do understand people far away disliking the city due to perceptions created by corporate run media houses, but it is impossible to be in this city and still not like it. English, Bengali, Hindi, Chinese, Armenian, Hindu, Moslem, Christian, Jew, man, woman, transgender, straight, gay, rich, poor, marxist, non marxist….this city caresses all as its own. India still has to learn a great deal of tolerance from this city.

  19. you forgot an important point, the extremely casual nature of the citizens which has been embedded in their DNA. They will shun anyone who tries to do something efficiently.

  20. Kachuri sabji, dudh cola, gurer rasogulla, rains, local trains, ferry, and many more…there is no end to it…love it or hate it but you cannot ignore this city!

  21. AWESOME..An Article which describes the history of the city, an Article which shows the lifestyle of the city..being an KOLKATAN, My city is the best..There is no divison of celebration between us & the most imp.thing is- U never walk alone in KOLKATA..THE ROYALTY OF OUR CITY IS INDIA’S ASSET & REMAINS THE SAME WITH A HIGH RATED GOODWILL without any terms & condition**.. ;) :)

  22. a big reason is underground metro…1.probably no other indian city is such a crowdpuller like kol. metro.
    2.also roadside tea ina earthern pots.(bhaarer cha)

    3.boatride in outram ghaat.

    4. jhalmuri and telebhaja.

    5.saraswati puja( valentine day of all bengalis)

  23. The basic reasons why Kolkata will spoil you :

    1.) Food at its best than any other metropolitan city
    you will find proper Lucknowi Dum Biryani
    Best Chinese food in China Town or Tangra
    The best authentic & economic continental restaurants all around park street
    And Bengali food with variety of fresh water fish, Prawns & Crabs at its best.
    and everyone knows Sweets they are delicious and the best world wide

    2.) Very Economic and convenient Cab drive, Kolkata is the only city in India like LONDON & NEWYORK where you will be able to stretch your hand out and call for TAXI and in no time they will be in front of you. Most middle class people those who don’t have proper car parking space at there home but want a comfortable ride always opt for a cab drive to there destination.

    3.) Very Economic to rent a apartment with minimalistic security deposit. you will find decent apartment from around 6000/- to 10000/- per month & for security deposit I guess the owner wont ask for more than a 2-3 months rent in advance. its not like Mumbai paying 30000/- to 50000/- for apartment and staying in a Slum or Jhopri. proper flat with cooperative society.

    4.) Ample movie theaters all around the city with standard ticket rates not like Chennai or southern states that only regional language movies in most theaters but TOP ENGLISH MOVIES, ALL HINDI MOVIES, GOOD BENGALI MOVIES these days they are also introducing TAMIL AND TELUGU MOVIES in multiplexes

    5.) 365 days night life always rocking with live Jazz Playing in a Lounge or pub, Desi bollywood & videshi beats in most night clubs every night, and yes not like Delhi very safe for girls and ladies, if you don’t have your own car to return back home do not worry you will always find Yellow TAXI waiting out side the clubs for you to drop you home safely with some extra night charges.

    6.) Shopping is most cheapest in Kolkata you will get from bargain shops in New Market and Gariahat Market to exclusive branded outlets to designer boutiques in malls around the city

    8.) Attitude and Language you will find even a Pan walla, Rickshaw walla, Bus Conductor to a taxi driver know how to speak in Hindi, English & Bengali, its not like Chennai or Hydrabad NO – HINDI – NO ENGISH ONLY TAMIL AND TELUGU.
    People out in kolkata very helpful they will guide you well if you are looking for a specific street or lane, then will come running to you if you are in trouble or looking for medical assistance.

    9.) Festive season in Kolkata at its best, SALE in every shop for shopaholic, Street food at its best around the city, Mesmerizing, Beautiful Giant Installation Art to see around the city for 4-5 days During Durga Puja. Diwali & Kali Puja together will give you bright light in your life with Colorful Holi with proper strong legal Bhang shops to get intoxicated

    10.) Last bot not the lease You will be able to enjoy all 4 season apart from sweaty Summer, Lazy Monsoon, Active Autumn, Chilling Winter & Lively Spring you are going to experience a balanced weather. Not like Delhi burning Summer freezing Winter, Chennai always Summer or Mumbai Drowning monsoon.

    I guess the last point made the British to settle in Calcutta first and made its there capital of east India Company.

  24. in addition to the 14 there are the following:
    15. Chinese Breakfast beside Poddar Court
    16. Kochuri, Cha and gorom gorom Jalebis at Sharma’s
    17. The foggy winter mornings at Maidan
    18. Golbarir Kosha Mangsho with Porota
    19 . Badsha r Kathi Rolls
    20. Shabir’s Biriyani and Rezala

    and the list continues……

  25. Perhaps you have forgotten to mention: the women are the most alluring: beautiful, intelligent, sensual, ambitious, spontaneous, street-smart, and productive…. You cam walk the streets and just see amazing strength. Or maybe you were afraid to mention this….

  26. 1 summith ramachandran
    2 cakes and kookie jar
    3 Eden gardens
    4 boat ride under Howrah bridge
    5 someplace else
    6 luchi and Kosha mangsho
    7 biryani
    8 club culture ( D.I., tolly, ccfc…..)
    9 golden spoon rolls
    10 metro rides
    To add to whatever you already put …

  27. No one can ever beat the chicken rolls and the roadside ciai in the tiny matkas. All the bakeries we have out there , the French loaf , the Oldest Bakery at new market , the Rouge and Mrs. Magpie, I’ve tried hard but no such authentic bakers anywhere else. The Sharmas dhaba is an important place too, anyone hungry at night will find food out there :).
    Last but not the least , how can you miss out on the blof cultures and the amount of ready acceptance Calcutta has for it ? The different areas with all diverse communities . No where can you meet such linguistically diversified people and mostly the people with a tinge of British Accent in their English !!! Oh , i miss it !

  28. Not sure why I am away from Kolkata. My best memories are from Kolkata, food and merriment aside. Why I was born there but do not live there anymore only yearn to go back and die there. I miss my birth place O Calcutta.

  29. because of East Bengal & Mohunbagan sentiment.
    Because of Shopping at Esplanade.
    Because of adda with close friends after college on banks of Hooghly.
    Because Bong Girls are the Best.
    And lots more

  30. Famous lines used by bus conductors….” aste ladies kole baccha..” u wil find it onli in kolkata…city of joy

  31. The food, the highly educated women, the respectful attitude of men towards men, the ease of transportation, the politeness of the people – genuine, not pretense – Calcutta is the best place in the world.

  32. very true there are more than 14 reasons but there are many who come to Cal only to criticize the city but check their records and you will find them spending the maximum years in the city

  33. Calcutta still carries some very old brutish architectures

    Calcutta has the most number of hunted places

    we kolkata people welcome you with most open heart no matter what…

    kolkata has got the famous bengali beauties . Along with the boudis .. lol :p


  34. Kolkata… amar sohor… amar pran.. amar valobasa… due to my job I am outside of Kolkata.. but really miss my city.. whether it is food or cultural heritage of the place . It is always in my heart. .. My Kolkata.. City of Joy.

  35. I am not from Bengal but my grandfather and father used to live there. But I dont know somehow I always have this nostalgia related to kolkata. I always wanted to be there. I think there is something in me of bengal.

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